Glace Zipper Glazed .. Tried these loved em

  1. Not quite sure of the name, but tried a few of these on yesterday and really like them .. love the colour, especially loved this, no shoulder strap on this one, but has loops for it, straps on the other models though, so I'm wondering if I could get a strap seperately .. anyway here's a pic from Saks site :

    Glace Zippers Plaque Boston
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Glazed calf Boston with plaque and gold/silver zipper detail. 12½"W X 7½"H X 5½"D. Made in Italy. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]There was one without the plaque a bit smaller with a strap but only in grey .. and I love this colour, then one quite a bit smaller in this colour. I'd love the one just a bit smaller than this with the strap if it comes in this colour but can't find out if it exists in this colour doh.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Well could be my first Prada, I love it. I'll be in Italy in November and hope to see it over there :smile: Any comments from anyone whos got or looking at this bag would be appreciated -- especially curious why this size doesn't come with a shoulder strap but has the loops for it, odd - hope I could get a seprate strap for it.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this's sad though that there is no strap one in this one..same way bow clutch-the same colored this one above is the only one that doesn't have strap..wish they sell extra strap at least like LV
    I insist that this should have straps to SA ('cos I saw penelope Cruz's pictures with long strap) then I looked at the magazine later that she has the smaller version without metal plaque thingy

    if you can use handheld bags..this is def. the bag to buy IMO
  3. There's a metal loop for the strap to attach like the other models, how odd is this that they don't sell a strap for it? Lol
  4. very odd! as I said it's the samething with pink-gray color of the PRada clutch ($50 is more for that color also w/o straps) and there is $1000 difference (if I am not mistaken) just for the metal thing
    There should be something with the long straps that Prada doesn't like I guess
    it's no sense
  5. The bag penelope cruz is pictured with is $1450 - its a little smaller than the one with the plaque. The one with the plaque is $2300 (I think) and its really heavy. The Prada SA described it as a "pink brick" :tdown:
  6. yeah I know..I realized it after I visited Prada store
    still I like the metal plaqued one. and in the pictured color
  7. I think the metal plaque's weight would get to be a real drag once you have other things in the bag -- I liked the look of it but once I picked it up -- just too heavy for me.