Glace Calf Satchel


Jan 4, 2011
Canberra, Australia
If you mean the BLO740 I have it and love it! I first saw it last year and was verrry tempted but passed it up because I'd just bought an LV bag not long before. I went back to the Prada store a few months later and it was gone:crybaby: I eventually discovered it in the DJ Prada boutique again where I did not make the mistake of leaving it behind again! It is the perfect size for everyday and it is a great "default" bag (I have it in black). The smell is AMAZING. The only time I don't carry it is when there is rain forecast.

Only flaw as far as I am concerned? No outer pocket. And the suede lining, while beautiful and aromatic, is really not very wear-resistant.

Gorgeous bag and I am very glad I have it in my collection:smile:

key lime

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Dec 12, 2011
I just got it in degrade aviator blue color about a week ago. Very mixed feelings... Really liked the color. But that "amazing" :biggrin: smell drives me crazy. It's just so strong! I haven't used it yet (still trying to air it out).
:sad: Plus, after purchasing the bag I came across one of the threads here on Prada forum (by Prada Psycho) and got completely disappointed. It does look like there is something iffy about those “suede lined bags” -the quality is just not there and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ARE made in China. I bought mine at 57 street Prada store in New York so it’s supposed to be authentic, but as it turns out, it can be authentic AND made in China.
Oh, and its very heavy, too.. Even empty:sad:


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Jan 27, 2013
Here is what happened to me with a Prada glace' calf bag that I purchased at the Prada store in Union Square San Francisco. I was so excited with this bag which was sold to me as being very durable and practical. I was told by the salesman, Abe, to condition the bag with a leather conditioner in about a year to maintain the beauty. Well, I walked around for 2 hours. No food, no drink, just walking looking in the stores. While sitting in Starbucks with the bag on my lap (BTW the table was clean and dry) I noticed 2 large dark spots on the front of the bag. I was shocked. I went back to the store. They sent me to a leather place down the street that they use. I was told there that the bag was delicate, they could try to clean it, but no guarantee since it was a delicate bag. I went back to Prada. The sales manager shook her head, no way would they exchange it or let me return it.."it is not delicate" says she and she walked away.. this after only 2 hours of ownership!
When I got home, I tried a good leather conditioner on the spots. It totally removed the Glace' coating. The color also came off on my bag.
I have beautiful bags 5 Botegga's and I have never experienced anything like this. It must be a water mark, that's all it could possible be even though I was not near any water that I am aware of. I was very protective of the bag. It was brand new. At any rate, would I buy Prada again? No way. The quality is so poor that a water mark ruins it? It was sold as a durable bag and that is just not true.