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  1. I'm looking at buying a givre Sarah wallet and cles. Is this strictly a summer color to go with whites and azur? Or can you use it with ebene and mono too?
    I'm also contemplating the newer beige poudre which is so so gorgeous but alot more $ than the givre.
  2. Love your pug. So adorable! But on topic, I think Givre is a year round color, it's gorgeous and you can rock it with anything. Beige Poudre is too, because it seems like a light caramel-y color. I'd wear either with mono, but ebene, I'd not say that it looks bad, but I probably would lean more towards Pomme with ebene.
  3. I missed out on the givre last fall. If I had gotten it I would have used it for winter. I think it has such an 'ice' blue look to it. I see it going beautifully with so many clothing options for winter.
  4. Thanks girls! I wish I could find s photo of it in an ebene or mono bag.
  5. I'm a one wallet type of girl. I don't switch out wallets like I switch out bags.
  6. In that case, I'd go with Beige Poudre. I think it would look better whether your bag is ebene or mono.
  7. I have Sarah in givre and I have used it with everything since I got it last christmas. I'm not so interested to be completely matchy-matchy. Most of the time wallet is hidden inside the bag anyway.
  8. Here is one bad picture but hope it helps you even little bit :smile:
  9. Hey thank you! I'm going for the givre! You've been a huge help. Thanks so much:smile: