Giving your cc info on backordered items

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  1. Have you ever given your cc info over the phone to CS in a store ? Im looking for a bag and she told me the bag is backordered and that if I want I can give my info and cc number to place an order and if the bag becomes available they will charge the cc and JAX will
    send the item to me.
    I'm asking this because I've never done it and I'm worried I have disclosed my info like that
  2. I would do it in confidence.

    Honestly, any time you give your CC out you run a risk...but diligently watching your account can curtail any questionable activity.
  3. Thank you! After I hang up the phone I got nervous and all but it's something I want. I tend to monitor my cc quit. Often. Thanks for assuring me it's nothing to worry about and that you would do it too.
    The item I'm inquiring is the inlaid Peyton. Se told me there are 7 available. However, she was the only one who mention that after I called nearly 15 stores outside the state I live at.
    Also, this manager in other state offered me an used dirty peyton for 25% off. I wonder why did she take back a bag in that condition
  4. I have given my CC over the phone many times to chargehold or to purchase bags with out a problem!
  5. I just found an Inlaid Peyton this week at the Macy's in Schaumburg, IL. - 1 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL - (847) 706-6000. - They shipped it to me from an over the phone order for $24, and I didn't even have to use my Macy's charge. Got here within 2-3 days. Just thought I'd pass it along in case you really want one, cuz I thought Coach was sold out.
  6. Maes, did you order the Inlaid Peyton directly from Coach? I am just curious because when I was trying to replace me Ocelot Audrey I was told no problem I would have one within two days. They "located" something like 9 of them. The next morning I got an e-mail for the cancellation of backordered items. I was really annoyed. Sometimes they say they have something and they either oversell it or it's an error in your system. I know you've been looking for this bag, and I hope you get it. I just thought I'd sare with you, so maybe you'd have a heads up!
  7. Tuptake- yes, I did call a coach store to order it. She told me within a month I will know if it's available but she didn't garantee me anything. She said there are 7 backordered inlaid Peyton. She was the only one who mentioned this after inquiring many stores out of states.
    Sorry they did that to you and as I see it's going to happen the same to me.
  8. I hope not! You never know! Sometimes if they actually start making more they fill the orders. Or if they have returns or located stock. It never hurts to try, and better to be on a list, KWIM? Have you by chance called either the Dillard's or Macy's in Clearwater? My Mom got my Inlaid at the Dillard's in the Countryside Mall. Maybe it's a possibilty they still have one? I know with Macy's you have to call every Macy's store, but if one in the country has it, they should be able to ship it to you!
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