Giving Up!!!!!!

  1. I am giving up Coach Forum for Lent. I love all my Coachie friends and will miss you the 45 days of Lent. Never fear I will return with all my glory on Easter Monday. I didn't know what to give up this year and felt that this is where I spend a lot of time and money:graucho: so I felt this was it. Ill still be on until Tuesday because Ash Wednesday starts on the 6th. However, I will still get to go to the Coach website and the store so I will not be completely deprived of my Coach lovlies.

    Remember to buy lots of pretty things and post pics so I can look at them when I come back.
  2. This is a very good idea! I should consider doing the same...we'll miss you!
  3. We'll miss you.... :crybaby:
  4. That is a very great idea!!!! :biggrin: We may be on a forum ban together because I leave tomorrow for a month long school and I am not sure yet if I will have regular internet access. So who knows...I think I will get to come on here once in awhile...

    You are very brave and this is a noble thing to do for Lent! Great idea :tup:
  5. We'll miss you!
  6. I am sorry to see you go but youll be back in no time.. We'll miss you.. have a safe one!
  7. I am giving up buying lucnch everyday at work , all sweets and pop - I am going to need TPF to keep my sanity
  8. i'm glad to see that faith/spirituality/religion (whatever you call it) exists in the world...*sigh*
  9. I'm gonna miss you!!! I decided to give up chocolate!
  10. That's what I am giving up too. I've gotten better since joining WW but I am going to go all out on this :yes:
  11. We'll miss you! I'm on a shopping fast for Lent and hopefully thereafter. To help me "cleanse", I'm doing inventory in my closet and selling on eBay. It's a great time for a spiritual and physical cleansing and looking towards higher goals!
  12. My family doesn't participate in Lent, but I'm always so impressed with the strength of those who give up something they TRULY love & enjoy! We'll see ya after Easter!
  13. What a great thing to do! I think that this would be good for the soul and the wallet as well.
  14. I don't actually observe lent in my faith but I think it is fantastic to see someone giving up something that will really be a sacrifice for them, which I think is the whole point. But we will miss you while you're gone!!
  15. That is a really great idea. I could probably benefit from doing the same. I have no idea what to give up this year yet. Take good care :flowers: