Giving up, throwing in the towel. It's official. I quit.

  1. I am no longer in hot pursuit of the medium red heloise.
  2. :confused1:How come?
    What's your new love?
  3. Why oh why are you quitting looking for that beauty??? You must have found something better!
  4. You got to tell the story????????? You had one from BF? They reneged on you?
  5. ^^^yes, Susie you are correct. BF is the devil, I tell you! I had an order confirmation and everything:cursing:. I didn't receive a cancellation email and when logging into my account I discovered the order had been...gasp...C a n c e l l e d !!

    It would have been my first purchase from BF and now I just hate them.

    <drama on>

    I'm going to stop chasing this pipe dream and if she ever comes to me I may rebuff her anyway for all the heartache she has caused me!

    <drama off>
  6. OMG what tell!
  7. What / who is BF?
  8. Ok, it went a little like this:
    :yahoo:Found a Red Heloise for $1220 less a 10% code on BlueFly(aka the devil)
    Ordered my HG Chloe bag and floated on cloud 9.
    Boasted a little about it to my Chloe girls. (curses, I knew I shouldn't have)
    :devil: Then, the devil, (aka BF) came and took my joy.

    :hysteric:I sent a scathing (OMG! I hate you) email to BF(aka the devil)

    :crybaby: Then I cried. and cried some more.

    :cursing: Then I just got mad again. That's when I decided to give up. I'm tired of her
    mocking me.

    (gosh I'm such a drama queen today) :p
  9. You know whats, its better to give up and you never know....a red heloise might just fall in your lap one of these days...

    You are a VERY entertaining drama queen...:flowers:
  10. Failed expectations oh the whoa of it all (so exhausting).

    Did this ever happen to you in regards to house hunting???? You put a bid on the "home of your dreams" only to have it snatched away, sold to a better bidder. So you cry and cry. But then pure JOY because you eventually get the real home of your dreams and you think THANK GOD! I love this house so much more!

    This will be your story IMO!! You will get a better PURSE, wait you'll see!!:ninja:
  11. Yeah, get the purple heloise instead:graucho:
  12. How awful for you :flowers:

    Why did BF cancel your order - by mistake? On purpose? Don't get that bit......
  13. Had the same thing happen to me at BF with the Maggie......2 days later I get the e-mail. I called, ranted, etc., only to agitate myself and accomplish nothing but an apology phone call from BF.................AND, susieserb is so right, I'm so glad I didn't get that bag, not only did that bag go on sale EVERYWHERE, but there were issues with the closures (I found one in off-white, only to return it)--so, moral of the story is YOUR BAG will come along.
    (With the money I would have spent on that bag, I got 2 other Chloe's that I love......ON SALE):smile:
  14. I was mad when Target did this to me with Tickle me Elmo last Christmas, lol. And while I did end up finding one elsewhere, DD never did like him, so maybe it was a sign?
  15. BF = BlueFly (internet site)

    Mona - yes, I need a new focus, play hard to get, then she'll come after me:p

    Aschih - hmm, the purple Heloise? dare I lust for her? If I do, it will be my
    secret. I'm just going to pine after her in private (if I allow my heart
    to "put itself out there" again) maybe after I've had time to mourn:sad:

    Susie - yep, I had something happen to me with a 2 acre wooded lot on the lake
    my neighbor's son turned out to be a (not yet convicted) pedophile
    (neither of us have built yet, but dh and I own the Premiere lot in the
    division and actually in the district) talk about :cursing:

    llson - you may be on to something! I really have grown more fond of the little
    sister red heloise that I paid full retail for (still debating keeping) but I
    may indeed not have loved the bag like I thought