Giving up foundation..

  1. I am going to attempt to do something thats going to be pretty difficult.


    I'm a makeup junkie that CANNOT and refuse to leave the house without any makeup on..I have gotten so use to it & STUCK on makeup that if I don't have it on, I just don't feel pretty or like myself.

    So I have decided to TRY giving up foundation to help clear my skin up.

    In high school I didn't wear any makeup or not much at skin was so clear & beautiful..I remember clearly b/c near the end of my Senior was my first visit to the MAC counter..and the makeup artist complimented on how pretty my skin was. ( note, that was BEFORE I used foundations & powders!!)

    I just miss my clear, baby soft skin so much!!!

    So..I am going to give up foundation..but I might just have to stick with concealer for now along the process.

    Will someone join me to see how the improvement of our skin turns out ? :yes:
  2. Why not do a tinted moisturizer as well? It would be a sheer coverage, but at least you'd feel like you have something on your face. I just think it's really hard to go cold turkey.
  3. I'm actually kinda doing the opposite! I feel as I'm getting a little bit older, 33, that I need a little more coverage! I'm trying to actually start using corrector, concealer and a foundation with a little coverage!
  4. Hmm that might not be a bad idea..but my whole intention of purpose was to not have any "chemicals" that may harm my skin..just my usual moisturizer & sunscreen.

    I just truly think that the stuff I've been using these years have made my skin worse. :push:

    Ack, we'll see how this goes. I know it's going to be hard to walk around revealing my true skin..!!!!! :wtf:
  5. A tinted mostizurizer is a good idea. I usually use a tinted mosturizer most of the summer and nothing else. Just make sure you get one that won't break you out, and dont have any type of fragrances.

  6. Do you have any recommendations?

    The only tinted moisturizer I have laid hands on before was the Sephora one...I ended up returning it.
  7. Im on makeup alley's reviews to find out which 1 i should try out first..

    so far I see people are raving on the Cover Girls tinted moisturizer..
  8. i use laura mercier's tinted moisturizer $40/tube. many cosmetic lines have their own product so give them a try.
  9. I don't wear foundation but I wear powder. I can't stand the feel of foundation on my face. I usually wear bronzer to give me some color. Its not that hard once you get used to it.

  10. Definitely research the product. A few that you may want to look at are LM, BB, Elizabeth Arden, and Smashbox. I like Elizabeth Arden if you want an illuminizer. Bobbi Brown definitely has hydration. I didn't really like LM, but that's because I couldn't find a perfect match for me. They wanted me to mix 2 together. Um, I don't need to go through all that work. There is another manufactuer that will work just as good with 1 product.
  11. Wow!! After I read the review on the Cover Girl..I went straight to the drug store & came home with the Cover Girl "Advance Radiance" Age defying Sheer Tinted Moisturizer.

    I just applied it on & so far I am impressed with the build able coverage and how lightweight it feels!


    It was under $! Comparing that to The LM Foundation and Armani foundation that costs from $40-60!
  12. Congrats on going foundation free. I wear less makeup in my thirties after I got married than I ever did in my twenties when I wore the works. Now I just wear concealer under my eyes but it would be nice to wear a sheer foundation for special occasions. I'm thinking prescriptives which I have tried in the past.
  13. I'm 33 & still don't wear foundation~ Honestly, I think the less make up I wear, the better I look.

    I do wear a tinted moisturizer. For an inexpensive brand, I highly recommend Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. It has SPF & retinol in it plus it's oil free with a very light tint to it. It's really lightweight too. I also like Chanel's Hydramax TM for a designer line.
  14. I just got Laura Mercier OIL FREE tinted Moisturizer and it's great! I think the oil free version will work much better.
  15. OMG I know exactly what your talking about. Ever since I was 12 I've been wearing foundation. I shouldnt have done that. I believe that it caused my ance, and now like you I wont leave the house with out foundation.
    I wish I could say that I would join you in your fight not to wear it but I'm not that brave. (LOL that sounded funny)

    I've always wondered about tinted moisturizer. I thought it would never compare with the coverage of foundation. I'm glad to hear that you like it, I think I'll give that a try. I just dont have the confidence to not wear coverage on my skin.