Giving Tree Jewelry Codes

  1. Hi Anyone have any codes for the giving Tree Jewelry website??

    Looking to buy some me & ro pieces.

  2. Look it is simple.Go to Google and type in Tree jewelery.All searches related to the same will be shown on screen.Yes if you want any information regarding tree jewelery after that let us know,we are here to help each other out.

  3. Thanks for the response. I did try that but was unsuccessful. I could only find codes for 10% off - I was asking in case someone knew of one that was a bit more.

  4. Giving Tree Jewelry: Enter code "begreen" for 20% discount on green jewelry and code "storeadore" for the 15% discount on the rest of the website. Check out the Store Adore website to keep an eye out for Giving Tree Jewelry discounts and codes (