Giving the same bracelet as gift to different people?


Feb 13, 2013
With the holidays coming, would it take the specialness away if you give more then one friend the Alex and ani friend bracelet? I had a rough year and would like to thank a few friends for being around. However, I don't want to take away the specialness from the original friend I bought it for.


Sep 16, 2009
Not sure how close you all are, but maybe you will feel differently depending on how it's "delivered." I know my sisters and I have received and have even given each other the same gifts. I think it can be presented as a nice gesture that you share a bond and are meaningful in each other's lives.

You could also buy a different Alex and Ani bracelet so there's a similarity of item, but not the same exact design. In the case of my sisters, we like different metals. So it's not exactly the same.

Whatever you decide. It's a gift and I'm sure the thought is there. You could include a nice hand written card to express your sentiment as well. Good luck!