Giving Receipts to Buyers

  1. Hi Everyone. I'm new to both the forum and selling on eBay.

    I recently decided to sell some bags that I never use. One is NWT and I have the pack slip that shows I bought it directly from the manufacturer to prove it's authentic. I was offering it to the seller with my personal information blacked out.

    I just read on another thread not to give the receipts out. Why is that. What problems might this cause?

  2. One of the problems is that dishonest people may sell the receipts on iOffer or another website. They are usually purchased by people selling fake bags so that they can provide "proof of authenticity" to scam people. You should read through these other threads so that you can make an informed decision with regards to providing the receipt with the product.
  3. You'd find complete information in Oh Donna! thread
  4. I agree with what's been said above. Aside from that, you may come across a problem buyer and need to prove that the bag you sold is authentic. You can't do that if you no longer have the original receipt.

    Maybe provide a copy of the receipt upon request instead. And yes, with your personal information blacked out.
  5. Thanks. I looked up the other threads and see that some dishonest people are doing.
  6. I think I posted this on that other thread but a good reason for not giving your receipts is that stores can see them & will ban you from buying. designers do not like reselling on eBay. I know a seller who posted a fendi receipt the store manager saw it & she is banned from buying Fendi in UK
  7. I make a copy of the receipt with my personal info blacked out and send that to the seller. I want to keep the original in case the seller tries to come back at you later over authentication issues. This has never happened to me, but I hear so many horror stories.
  8. Thanks for this! I will stop giving them out! Eek.

    I only started doing it in the first place to prove to eBay itself that my auction is okay and to not remove it. I haven't had anything removed since January, but I'm blocked from selling LV for at least 6 months.

    All of this carp is unfair. We fight eBay, fraud buyers, and even boutiques.
  9. I would show a picture of your receipt in your auction (with your info blacked out of course) and if you want provide them a copy of the receipt but never give them your original.

    just showing a zoomed image of the receipt displaying the name of the bag plus the price is definitely enough.