Giving Paypal your Social Security Number?

  1. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if you sellers are comfortable with giving Paypal your social security number and if any of you had problems with it. They are asking that I give them my social but I am very paranoid about giving that kind of information out especially with the amount of fraud and identity theft going on. Is it safe to give it to them? If my account gets hacked or broken into would that information be available to the hacker?

  2. I wouldnt!
  3. First, why are they requesting the info? Are you applying for their Paypal credit or MM acount? I believe it is safe to give it to them - thru their site only, never click on anything or provide information over emails. Personally I would never give Paypal no more than what they already have about me (bank and CC accounts), for the sole reason of their wacky practices with collections when bad things happen with seller-buyer transactions. Hold on for more opinions.
  4. One more thing, I always warn others about this and can't believe I forgot. But basically giving Paypal access to your credit record can get you in a pickle if it is not perfect. In fact they will limit your CC use if you have too high debt/limit ratio. Note that they will do this even if you are in excellent standing with your CC account, Paypal will make you pay out of your bank accounts and not allow for you to choose CC. Anyway... yeah I wouldn't give it to them either.
  5. I wouldn't give it to them unless you're with Lifelock, are you trying to verify your account? If so there are at least 2 other ways.
  6. Haha does that lifelock stuff actually work?

    Yea, I think I am going to work on it the other two ways. Thanks for the info :smile:
  7. Hey they guarantee $1M dollars!
  8. I would not!
  9. Another thought... if Paypal has your SS number they can also tell the IRS how much you are selling/how much money you are bringing in. Better they don't have it.
  10. i would NEVER give them my ss# they cannot be trusted
  11. I wouldn't why do they want it?
  12. I found a neat and informative website which gives you TONS of info!!! Here's a blurb from their site:

    "Must I give my Social Security number to private businesses?
    Usually, no, you do not have to provide your Social Security number. You are not legally required to provide your SSN to private businesses — including private health care providers and insurers — unless you are involved in a transaction in which the Internal Revenue Service requires notification. (MediCal and Medicare are government health plans and can require a Social Security number.)
    There is no law, however, that prevents businesses from requesting your SSN, and there are few restrictions on what businesses can do with it. However, even though you are not required to disclose your SSN, the business can refuse to provide you with service if you refuse to give it.
    If a business insists on knowing your SSN when you do not see a reason for it, we encourage you to speak to a manager who may be authorized to make an exception or who may know whether company policy requires it. If the company will not allow you to use an alternate number such as your driver’s license number, you may want to take your business elsewhere."

    Hope this helps! I encourage people to check out the website, for sure.
  13. I think they wanted this info from sellers. The put a limit on the sellers $$$ withdrawals for the month. To change this: Either your ss# or another credit card #. I think they are trying to cover there butts. There are scamming sellers that sell fake stuff or just rip people off. I think paypal wants more ways to get back the buyers $$$.
  14. Do not give your SS#. Did you receive this request through your email, if so it is fraud. I had this situation. I got an email and thought this was fishy, so I deleted the email. Paypal froze my account b/c someone was trying to access. I had to call Paypal to verify everything and they resumed my account. I saw where I was suppose to purchase something that I would never buy. Paypal caught the fraud. Paypal was looking out for me. Thank God