Giving out your passwords to friends

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  1. Hi everyone, a friend of mine (I say friend lightly) asked me today to give my MySpace password to her so that she could look at someones pictures :confused1:. I told her no and then she said "why ?, do you have something to hide". Then she was funny with me and didnt really make conversation with me again. What do you think of this ??. I just cant give passwords out. Have you ever done this ? and do you think I was wrong saying no ?.

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. That is weird. I wouldn't give out my password, either. I assume she wanted to look at the photos of someone who is your friend but not hers? Or she wanted to use your ID in case the person has the tracking program that lists who visits the profile? Sounds like she is trying to be sneaky.
  3. I don't. I should rephrase that. Actually none of my friends are rude enough to ask. If it were something really, really important I may be asked to log into a website so they can use it.
  4. no way. Many people use the same passwords for different things so they don't forget their password. You don't need that kind of info out there.
  5. That's good that u didnt give it to your friend. Obviously the person whose pictures she wanted to see isnt her friend and maybe doesnt want her to see the pics...
  6. absolutely not. there's a reason why it's a password!!! i wouldn't even ask that of someone

    i did it once for a very good friend but i changed my password to something generic so she could access the site. and that was it.
  7. Wow I can't believe she would even ask. But to answer your question: No I don't give out my password to anyone. Not even my parents or my fiance.
  8. I agree don't give out passwords!!!!!! Heck ask her for her PIN# for her bank account and see how she reacts.
  9. I know my SO's pin number and email pw, and my friend lets me use her MySpace because I don't want one of my own. I think its fine, as long as they are real trustworthy. If not, just simply change the pw.
  10. sure you could always change the password but if you are anything like me, that means trouble.

    for me it is more the principle, rather than the actual fact. why should/would I give my pw to a friend?

    you could of course log in and then let her use it (this is how I would and have done it) but why can't she get her own my space?
  11. The only time I gave out my password was when my computer wasn't working andI read some news I wanted to post. I asked my dad to log in as me to see if it had been posted already.

    Other than that, nobody's asked for my password and I would not give it out.
  12. That is why we have passwords to protect ourselves. I would never give a password out---if someone wants to look at a site they can get their own.
  13. thats what I think, we have passwords for a reason. I know that this "friend" is nosey and will be looking at my messages etc. I have nothing to hide but these are personal and not for her. If something is sent to me, its mine and I dont see any reason of why she would want to look at it :confused1:
  14. My fiance's god-daughter's mother (who once dated his cousin) :confused1: has her cousin's password and checks the girl that he is now seeing/dating myspace account. I think it causes nothing but DRAMA! If you are not someones friend, it's for a reason. Now they have this whole "MYSPACE WAR" going on.

    She even had the nerve to send me a myspace message telling me I was on "time out" for fixing his page.:shrugs:
  15. nope would not give out my password for anything, really werid of your friend to ask. even more werid that she is now acting different towards you, somthing shady going on with your friend.