Giving new meaning to the phrase Hayden Harnett Ho...

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  1. So I showed my dh the thread with the semi nekked tpfers and their LV bags and he loved it :rolleyes:. But I don't own any LV. I do have several HH bags though. So we had a little photo shoot last night... And I couldn't stop laughing thinking that I'll never read the phrases Hayden Harnett Ho or Big Bang Sale the same way again! :lol:
  2. Too funny!

    Wait...back up...did you say "semi nekked tpfers"? :shocked:
  3. ^^ And yes....semi-naked TPF members covering up their "goods" with LV bags! hehe
  4. :lol:

    That's hilarious! There should be a thread like that for all the brands!
  5. I've got some pix ready to go for HH! ;)
  6. lol wow you guys are daring! Although, incentive for the hubby to buy me more purses.... :graucho:
  7. StageMum, go for it! Megs gave permission for the LV thread, so long as it's ... decent. :smile:
  8. [
    ^^ OMG, that's hysterical!!! :roflmfao::tup::lol:
  9. I'm working on uploading them!
  10. Here goes: :nogood:

  11. That last pic with your triple C mercer hanging off your heels is great! Nice touch! BTW, you look gorgeous!
  12. HAAHAHAA o my god this is too funny

    i just looked though the LV one what a funny idea

    your pictures are fantastic!!!!!! hot stuff! :smile:

    i love how the nico is SO huge its like a full body cover! :smile:

    i wonder if there are any more ballsy HH lovers who will add to this! :smile:
  13. Fabulous!!
  14. what a cute idea! great pics stagemum, I'm sure your dh enjoyed helping...I'm sure if my bf found out about this he'd jump on the chance :p all I have with me in my apt is one Mercer 3C though
  15. Nice bag!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.