Giving back & Korea 2016 for Nose, Eyes

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  1. #1 Mar 17, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
    I've been a silent reader for the past 5 years and this forum has given me a lot of valuable information. Within that time I had breast augmentation, lipo, double jaw, vline, zygoma reduction, sliding genioplasty (t osteotomy), fat grafting and laser treatments. Enough time has passed for me to give a verdict and I'm very satisfied with my results.

    I want to give back too since many of you have shared your stories and motivated me and gave me hope to go through everything I did. I won't discuss prices and clinics here but, you can pm me your kakao and I'll gladly help you in any way that I can.

    My next adventure will be for the summer of 2016. I plan to have my nose and eyes done. I do have a short list but I still want to explore other clinics. So if you also want to do eyes and nose we can help each other.
  2. Hello Vivigal!

    I definitely second that notion. I’ve been on here lurking for years, but only had the courage to speak up now. The only surgery I’ve undergo was double jaw surgery at a clinic in California with .. average results, but for a horrible outrageous price. Fixed my underbite, but left my face very asymmetrical and have been looking to S. Korea for a revision as well as eyes (not a revision, but for DES + epi). I don’t believe I have enough posts yet, but will PM you soon.

  3. Hi Avare,

    I'm glad to hear you fixed your underbite. I had a underbite too but with a crossbite. Double jaw surgery is life changing and it's a real undertaking for many years to come. I had asymmetry too after my double jaw so don't feel that you had average results because this is a common side effect. I had to have other surgeries to fix this but, good news is there is a solution. I want DES and epi too. We can talk more on kakao.
  4. UPDATE- To those who have private messaged me for my pictures I'm sorry, I do not share my before and afters through the pm or e-mail system any longer.

    I've started a kakao group chat where it's safer to share and I can help you there.

    To those who have private messaged me their kakao id's I will add you as soon as I filter through those I suspect to be promoters. I want to make my kakao group as safe as possible because I'm sharing my pictures and others do too. Please do not ask to be added if you are not going to share.

    Thank you.
  5. Thank you for getting back to me so soon. Surprisingly enough, I, too, suffered from a crossbite! It’s wonderful to hear you’ve found your solution though! (even at the cost of several surgeries; double jaw in itself is a nightmare, honestly). That would be wonderful. I still need to have a few most posts before I could message you, but I look forward to talking to you soon. (I also have a few pictures to share, but I imagine it wouldn’t be much use considering I didn’t have my surgery in S. Korea)
  6. Hi Vivigal,

    All the best for your coming surgery! :smile: I am particularly interested to hear about your experience on liposuction. Did you like your results and could you share with me which areas you had yours?

    I am exploring Unique, Able and Evita clinic for arms, torso, thighs liposuction with fats transfer to the face and breast. However I am uncertain if it is advisable and manageable to have 3 body parts performed on the same trip. I am staying 12 days in Korea.

    Do you have any experience with any of the clinics above, please let me know your thoughts.. thank you very much!
  7. Thank you Soyoungee for the inputs! :smile: Hmm.....I don't know how to judge how much cc of fats I can withdraw by looking and pinching my own body.. :P How can I tell?

    My waist look broad from the front and rather straight. The fats are accumulated more on the sides and flanks. Can liposuction contour and help me achieve a narrower waist line?
  8. Hi Vivigal,

    I am considering fat grafting. Are you happy with the result? Thanks and appreciate your reply.
  9. @cucute

    Nice to hear your story and 3 months is too soon to give a verdict. You will see changes in your face everyday and the swelling should heal by 6 months time. The tip will take longer to de swell, don't lose faith. I'm glad you're recovering well.


    I like Unique. The liposuction they perform is minimal but I haven't seen bad results. Friends who have gone there all think the liposuction could have been more. I'm unsure if that's what you want? I haven't been to Able and Evita so I cannot say. If you want the name of my clinic please pm me your kakao user id.

    You can have liposuction and add them to the face at the same time. I would caution fg to the breasts because of uneven pockets and the rate that it get absorbed. You will need ample fat too or you won't see a large margin of change.

    12 days may not be enough time if you want semi full body liposuction. It's not going to feel comfortable with the body garments and sitting, standing might kill off the healthy fat.


    Yes, I like my results very much.
  10. Thank you, Vivigal. Sure, please add me at velvetcloset.
    Yes my only concern is about them being too conservative. I would like to hear more about your experience with your clinic too. :smile:
  11. Hii, i've been reading some posts and i am considering having a lipo, please i would really like you to hear me out, i am currently 17 years old , next year turning 18 , i am petite 4"11 (150cm) and weight 52kilos T-T ive been trying dieting five times already but school gives me a lot of stress and i had to stop going to the gym + anxiety so i start eating a lot, last year i reached 46kilos but after a month went up to 52kilos again and that was it, i felt like crap, my most problematic areas are my thighs (I think they are called saddle bags or the way i call them: second butt lol) and my butt, they are Huge every time i see them I feel i have a **** body idk is just I can't even wear a jean without looking vulgar (pear shaped body) i can't wear shorts bc men even old guys would stare and whistle, it feels dirty and i try to hide in huge sized clothes, and the thing is my baby face, ppl don't believe I'm my age and tell me i am 14 or smth , so baby face with sluts body :sad: and it started since i hit puberty, before i was slim healthy but thanks to f puberty i grew to my sides (since i am really short) so yeah for 5 years ive been feeling this way , anyways i have been searching and i found (for now) good reviews of 365mc clinic, the line clinic and banobagi clinic for liposuction (moslty 365mc) i am really considering this since ive never been confident and i want to feel for once what it feels , another fact is that i am pretty scared about almost everything, most of all vaccines, pain and blood scares the hell out of me but my wish to feel better with myself kills all my fears (or mostly) anyways, i haven't told my parents since i think they will be against it idk, this means a lot for me and it isn't smth i just recently came up with , ive done medical surgery before (apendicitis) and damn it hurt but recovery was fine, i want to do lipo in my thighs, arms and a little in my tummy when i turn 18, i hope in the next 6 months i would be able to tell my mom bc i want her to go with me and i would cry like a b1tch if she says no since this is really important.. Ive never told about this to anyone so thank you very much if you take the time to read my post, I highly appreciate it, for real, if you have any experience with the clinics i mentioned or some advice to give me please do :smile: thank you!

  12. You should talk to your doctor.