Giving a shout out to KMSNYC

  1. I just wanted to give a shout out to :woohoo:KMSNYC. She had a aubergine paddy on eBay that I bought. She's an absolute doll! Took time out of her busy day to meet me at Saks in NYC for the swap. The bag is beautiful! I think it will replace my LV (for now) as my everyday bag.
    Thanks again!!! vbmenu_register("postmenu_", true);
  2. Yay to you both :yahoo:
  3. Congrats!!!!
  4. Awww.. thanks sweetie! I'm glad you love the bag. It's going to look gorgeous on you!:heart:
  5. That's so nice of KMSYNC!!! Hope you enjoy the bag, its a beauty!
  6. Always glad to acknowledge good works and nice people!:tup:
    And you're right. It does look gorgeous!!
  7. Glad to hear that the deal went well! :tup:

    Hope you're enjoying the Aubergine Paddy - they look gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  8. ahhh, I love these great stories :biggrin:

    show us a piccie of your fabbie new bag
  9. You guys are all so sweet! Here's a picture of my new Paddy! I've got to have another one :graucho:
  10. Hi; how can you tell if an eBay seller is a TPFer? For example, did KMSNYC mention that she was a TPFer or did she reveal her TPF identity to you when you met at Saks? Just curious, as I'm currently in the market for a Paddington and will most likely go through eBay. Thanks! - Turtle
  11. You should show a picture of you holding the bag!

    She and the bag look gorgeous together!:heart:
  12. Hum...that may take awhile. Can't find my digital camera but I'll work on it! :heart:
  13. Turtle- hum...let me see if I remember correctly. I believe I was looking at posts in Chloe shopping and saw a post by someone mentioning the bag. That person said it was an auction by a TPFer'r. I checked out the bag, came back to the forum and asked if anyone knew this person. KMSNYC wrote back and said the purse was hers. I've seen similiar posts by others saying such and such auction was by a member of this forum. You can't advertise your own auction so sometimes others do it for you. I've also seen auctions where the seller will say they are a member of this forum. Since anyone can say anything, if you run across a similiar situation I would post the same kind of question I did so you're sure the seller is a member in good standing.
    Hope this helps!
  14. Thank you for the info!!:tup: