Giving a gift for one who carries life...

So a couple that my BH and I have known for a few years now had dinner w/ us last night. They were ecstatic to tell us that they were finally expecting, and had been TTC for about 4 yrs. I've joked with her before about carrying a child if I ever considered it as because of health issues I've been advised not to carry myself.

So we are walking around in the mall, and we stop by the coach boutique there and are looking at the new items. She normally carries kate spade bags, but sometimes she'll pull out the only Coach bag she has and carry it but not often.

She talks about needing a baby bag, but isn't sold on the patterns they have in the store. I tell her the one I'm wearing is coach and it was sold in the factory/outlet stores. I tell her it comes with a baby pad, but I don't use it for that so I use the slot for a laptop instead if necessary. She tells me how much she really likes the outside; easily cleaned as well as wearable by the opposite sex w/o looking outrageous.

Now I know they don't have a whole lotta cash, new kid on the way, and having to figure out if they have room to stay where they live now or find somewhere they have to move to (and find a place first!). That said, I also tend to be one of those "givers"; as much as I might love something I have or own, I normally will give for the sake of making others happy. It's a crappy trait to have as one's personality if you have people around you that take advantage of that, but on the other hand if you have good friends you know that they'd do something like that or similar for you as well.

I tell her if she likes my bag so much I don't mind giving it to her, and she offers to give me some cash or something for my offering. I told her it's not necessary, and I told her I've had it for at least 2 yrs I think, so that it's clear what I'm carrying is by no means new but definitely worn in well. It has no scratches, stains and I clean it out each time it goes into retirement while I wear another bag. She said it's held up well, which it has, and I said next time I see her I'll get it prepared for her and find the baby pad.

That said, it's good to help someone else, more importantly when they don't expect it.

This is what I'm giving her...

I'll be keeping the smaller bag pictured above, but the bigger bag, the wristlet and the makeup bag I told her I'd give to her as well.

Guess I need to start looking for the next replacement for what I'm giving to her!:search:


Sep 22, 2006
:heart: The world would be a much nicer place with more people like you. You did a wonderful and generous thing. I firmly believe that what goes around comes around; the more we give, the more we get.


Team Eric
Aug 12, 2007
That is a great set, and you are so generous! My sister and I have that trait too- but I was given the vision of being able to tell when I'm being taken advantage poor sister wasn't, so I know what you mean.

She'll really love this, and will think of your friendship every time she reaches into it- and that is priceless.
Jul 25, 2007
That was such a nice gesture - I'm sure she's thrilled! That bag is perfect for a baby bag. I send her happy and healthy pregnancy and baby vibes!


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
That bag has worn/will wear like steel! Like someone else said, not only is it a great bag but she will think of you every time she reaches in there :biggrin:


is shredding up!!
Dec 30, 2006
That is so sweet of you!!! That bag looks great and you are such a great, generous friend! I'm sure she will absolutely love using it!!