Giverny and A Contre Courant, mousseline PM

  1. These were last week's loot. I am sure loving this year's mousseline picks.
    AContreCourant2.jpg AContreCourant.jpg Giverny.jpg Giverny2.jpg
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! MUST get me one of these!!!!!!!!! tods, you would love the new lozenge GM mousselines - xquisite brought me back from Paris a soleil one - STUNNING!!!!!
  3. hey did they have a contre courant in any other colours?
  4. ^^^ Note to self, must ask SA about lozenge next time.

    They had it in a blue and a black I think. I love how the mousselines look so different from the regular twills.

    But GF, you MUST MUST see the "danse du cosmos" mousseline GM, I saw it in 3 colorways, the sepia, black and deep turqoise green, gorgeous. I am still thinking over my choices.
  5. ^ I KNOW - I want one of these, too. Hey...make sure you leave some for me in two weeks!! LOL!!
  6. deep turquoise green.....*sigh*.......
  7. ^^ yeah I know. Even I had to admit that it looked great on me, and mind you I have the kind of skin tone that greens usually make absolutely sallow. It is probably going to turn out the winner.
  8. I LOVE lozanges! I have a GM mousseline one but it's plain, all one-coloured. Didn't know these came in designs too. Oh, K, could you pls post a piccie of your Soleil one?

    Tods, your mousseline scarves are gorgeous! So feminine.:love:
  9. yep - I will tomorrow for you! I was madly texting xquiste in Paris to get me one, and she scored the last one for me!! You would LOVE them, S.
  10. YAY! Thanks, K!
  11. It's always dangerous visiting a thread about scarves and the like, because the words start to appear greek to me after awhile! I am such an ignoramous!

    Please show a picture!
  12. Those are stunning Tods! You have introduced me to a new addiction. Two for me in a week, I am loving them! So easy to wear and perfect for spring/summer.
  13. So beautiful!!! :yahoo:
  14. Gorgeous!
    What's a lozenge/lozange?
    I, uh, got 2 mousselines last week, will post photos when the 2nd one arrives...the first one is le fleuve sacre in hot pink and orange...
  15. ^ It should be spelt losange, sorry for the typo. It's a diamond shaped scarf. Wait for GF's photos!