Givenchy Sugar/goatskin leather different on Antigona from Pandora?

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  1. Hello all. I just purchased a mini antigona in oxblood from When comparing the leather with my deep blue Pandora, it seems like the antigona's leather is more matte? I understand that the antigona is a more structured bag therefore the leather is more stiff. But is it supposed to be so matte? Thanks in advance.
  2. Here are comparison shots of my pandora and antigona. I'd say overall the textures are quite similar.
  3. And the pandora... Granted, they're different colors, but the leathers feel very similar to the touch.
  4. If it were another leather, I would reason that different parts of the hide are used for different bags or even accessories. But as its goat and they're small hides it's probably just that each hide is different and takes the tanning process slightly differently.
    My oldest and most used goatskin mini pandora happens to be the shiniest and most supple of my collection. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1471030124.325447.jpg
  5. How is your white antigona wearing so far? :smile: