Givenchy Small GV3 - Pros and Cons?

Apr 22, 2018
I am thinking of getting the GV3 in small size in the beige colour. What are the pros and cons?

The compartments seem useful.

I heard the shoulder strap is not adjustable. Would it be too long to wear crossbody for someone who is 150cm tall?

Do you consider the GV3 as one of the classics, or you see it going out of style in the near future? I don’t want to spend money on a bag to only have it last a little while.

Thank you!


Feb 1, 2019
I have a GV3. The black limited edition fringe one.. I am 5'2" and the strap is perfect length for me to wear either single shoulder or crossbody. Though it sits hip length single shoulder but looks good. Crossbody its waist level. I love it eslecially the chain for hand carrying and a bit of detail. The clasp isnt perfect. Just be careful when you open it as the bag kind of spreads open when you do. The clasp is sturdy though and wont come open accidentally. Its a chic looking bag!!! Love mine!
Sorry dont have a pic handy showing the strap length LRM_EXPORT_124671509734546_20190912_122558008.jpeg ...
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