Givenchy Sizing

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  1. I was looking to buy a pair of Givenchy heels and was wondering how their sizing is. Do they run large or small or are they true to size? I usually wear a 5.5 in heels and a 6 in flats.
  2. the only givenchy shoes i've tried is these (in the 3.5" version):

    and i found them to be true to size in length, but narrow at the toe box. super uncomfortable.
  3. I love Givenchy shoes and boots (I have maybe 12 pairs?) and find them generally very comfortable.

    Unfortunately in my experience Givenchy sizing is all over the place e.g. I'm a US 7.5 - 8 and I have all sizes from 37 through 39 that fit the same on my foot and measure the same in length.

    So the best thing to do before buying is request sizing advice for the particular shoe you want from the seller. Or maybe post the shoe here and see if anyone has tried them for size ;)
  4. Alright they are on ebay actually at a great steal! I asked the seller what the insole measurement was and they are 9 inches which is perfect for my feet.
    Should I get them? :girlsigh:
  5. Those are super cute!! :biggrin: The price point is pretty darn good, too.
  6. oh that's a good price! i would just go for it!