**Givenchy Shopping Finds and Intels**

  1. Spy pics from Nordstrom @ Tysons Corner, VA

  2. O....M....G.... :faint:

    You made my day
  3. omg that blue nightingale is to die for! :nuts:
  4. Aluxe thank you for posting, they are TDF. Tyson's is a very very dangerous place to go, you may end up buying a lot :graucho:

    Chloe602, small blue Nightingale poped up on Farfetch, even though it's called "mini" it looks like small size http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/designer-givenchy-mini-nightingale-tote-item-10366020.aspx

  5. Anyone sees the metal logo nightingales at Toronto Holt? They have blue, beige, black, and orange if I remember correctly. Are those medium or small? Thx
  6. OMG! I feel like crying! Is that a BLACK studded Antigona I see??? A brown one is available locally but...black!!!???
  7. Aluxe: Were the nightingale and pandora a different blue from the antigona? gale and panda look lighter but is it just the lighting in the store?
  8. Hey you! Yes they are the antigona and lucrezia were a darker blue than the gale and panda which were a pale blue.

    I was there looking for a celine phantom, of which there were none, but I figured I might as well make my trip worthwhile and snap away :p

    Heads up girls and boys, Beyond The Rack has Lucrezias for about $1700 today, plus Antigona totes.

    Happy shopping.
  9. The studded antigona was a dark brown actually. It was absolutely gorgeous.

  10. :yw:for pics. I know I love spy pics - doesn't even matter if its from halfway around the world. I just love looking at bags.

    I managed to not spend money that trip because I was focused on one thing only. I got some nail polish from Marshalls though. But, you are right, I typically leave Tysons with a dent in my wallet. So many stores with things I like and you can even score a good bargain most times.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  11. thats the one on my wishlist...love the antigona in a dark brown, so classy.
  12. Thanks sweetie! U lucky ducky! My parents live in Reston. I always visit Tysons 2 when I am there

  13. thanks for spy pics, loving the orange and blue.
  14. I agree with you --- the dark brown studded is luscious too! What is a girl to do?