**Givenchy Shopping Finds and Intels**

  1. I have been trying for days to get into the site.... is it up for you?
    Sorry about the issue, that is terrible... is it a bag we can help you find?!
  2. WHat shade of blue are you looking for? There's a blue nightingale at portero for a very good price (unless someone snapped it up already. It doesn't seem like the brighter blue many of us are in love with. It is instead a beautiful teal-blue (I believe). Check it out and see if you like it. If not, post a pic of the shade of blue you are looking for. SOmeone's SA might have one. You never know.

    Good luck!
  3. So sorry to hear that thithi! I used my Amex but that didn't go through. So I ended up using PayPal. They also needed me to reply by email to which address to send it to.
  4. I used Amex as well, but they never contacted me about a problem... I would have gladly used Paypal! Oh well.

    Have you tried using Firefox browser? That's what I used to get in.
    it was the purple pandora but it's now OOS... I also ordered the small black pandora but now I don't want it. thanks for offering though!!
  5. That's a shame, sorry to hear. I like that purple Panda too and was seriously tempted.

    Has anyone else had any good experiences with them? Thinking about ordering something but never purchased from an int'l site before - somewhat reticent.
  6. Ugh, that is one beautiful bag!!! Wish I could!

    That small beige Nightingale is superb as well, for $1325:

  7. I'm still tempted because their prices are good, but I would definitely use Paypal/CC next time.

    Luckily I purchased a purple Panda from the Barneys sale and received it, but it was a few hundred more than this site's... the few hundred was worth it considering what happened.
  8. I bought from them. They did send an email I had to reply to before they would ship to verify my order and shipping address but other than that it was a smooth great transaction and I even got the bag quickly considering international shipping.
  9. there is a givenchy eclipse NWT on eBay for 550 by a TPF'r!
  10. thx aluxe to be honest I'm not even picky of the color..ideal would be black. Im bummed I missed out on a sale one from NM. If anyone hears about one pls lmk. thx
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