Givenchy Repair problem in USA

  1. Hi all, I have the apron V- bag from Givenchy.

    I got it from a friend, but one of the screw on the metal tag fell off and is

    missing. I tried calling Bergdorf, Barneys, Jeffery's and etc but they told me

    that the merchandise has to be purchased from them in order to send for a


    How do you deal with second hand Givenchy repairs??!!!!
  2. I had this problem too; tried emailing and phoning the boutique in France and their headquarters and got nowhere. I would try a local leather expert.
  3. sometimes shoe repair can do it, and if not, they may know someone, esp if you're in a large city.
  4. i have the same problem with my nightingale perforated tote bag, i noticed that one metal eyelet is missing and...I only used it twice :sad: I am actually now in the look out for a givenchy shop who can repair it. The thing is, where to find the same eyelet?! This is bad :sad:
  5. too bad g stores arent as ubiquitous as gucci and LV, b/c i've taken things to them for repairs.
  6. If you live in NYC- take to the famous ARTBAG!