Givenchy regret

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  1. So, I went to London the other week for a conference. Spent some time at Harrods and saw this ok nice handbag from Givenchy. Didn't think much about it. Until I saw it again at the Harrods duty free shop at Heathrow. Spent some time hovering around it and then decided (yeah right) against buying. And oh, how it has been eating away at me since... Started a desperate web search for G bags tonite but can't find IT. Found both f/w 06 and w/s 07 at their site but not my bag.

    Anyone know any legit sites that sell G?
  2. That's too bad...I hate 'the one that got away'
  3. Patati, was it the nightingale bag? I was interested in that too.
  4. Jeffrey's and bob ellis shoes sell Givenchy bags. You could contact bes @ They could call around to the Jeffrey's stores and ask for you.
  5. have you looked on ? if it's there, coudl you post a pic so that people can help locate it only?

    on the other hand, is it worth getting a cheap day airfare to get your dream bag?
  6. could you call and get it charge sent from Harrods regular store?
  7. You can definaely to a call and charge from Harrods. I do it far too regularly!!
  8. But of course, silly me not to think of that elegant solution :whistle:

    Thank you!
  9. Ha, it's called Clarabelle. And I'm glad I didn't buy the one I saw at Harrods because I just found out it also comes in shiny box type calf skin. :nuts: I need to get myself to Paris this instant.
  10. .....or just call them?
  11. You had to post the picture, didn't you Rose?! Now I want one! :biggrin:
  12. i want that one so bad.... :wtf:
    small tidbit--it was originally called chiguire (after the world's largest rodent) but i'm guessing they figured no one would be able to pronounce it so they renamed it nightingale... :P (no joke!)
  13. :shame:

  14. And miss out on a trip to darling Paris now that i got such a good reason to go? Naaah.

    Thanks for the pic :love: :love: :love:
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