Givenchy ready for the trash? Advice?


Jul 24, 2012
I purchased a Givenchy Antigona large tote bag from Selfridges (London) In December 2016. The rest of the bag is still in perfect condition, like the day I brought it however, handles of the bag have cracked due to stress because the handles naturally falling to the side when not in use.

I have contacted Givenchy directly who said they cannot carry out a repair on the bag and I am awaiting a reply from Selfridges.

A bag repair company quoted me £200 (GBP) but I feel that’s quite a lot of money and wouldn’t the same just happen again due to the handle design?

My point is, am I just supposed to accept that this bag is no longer usable!?



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Aug 2, 2017
Is it a cosmetic issue or are they actually coming apart?

I could see wrapping that area in a wide metal band or being creative to find a solution to cover it up and continue to use the bag.


Jan 5, 2010
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These types of handles should always be stored upright - as its not an articulated hinge.
You can help it by crossing over the handles above the bag or even gently tying the top of the handles together with a ribbon when storing.
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Feb 5, 2008
Perhaps you can contact Barbara at Lovin My Bags, she's very well known here on TPF for repairing bags and making miracles happen.


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May 25, 2006
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Cheap route is to try a good cobbler and see if they can salvage the handle by stitching it or redesign with a metal loop to handle weight instead of reinforced stitching. If their quote is btwn 100 and 200, then you might as well go expensive route since you said rest of bag is still like new.

Just as the above post said, none of my Givenchy handles have this problem when I store them properly and majority are like your handles. Since a tote is a useful bag that doesnt go out of style, I'd consider repair and then being careful about storage and use of it when worn to prevent this from reoccurring.