Givenchy quality help!!!

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  1. Hi guys I just have a quick question since I never own any givenchy nightingale bag but I have seen an online seller and they sell givenchy nightingale bags that are made in china that are much lesser. According to them those bags are authentic because they get it directly from the factory. They also have prada bags but these are the only two high end designer bags that they sell. They actually show pics of the "made in china" tag but they strongly claim that materials were real and sent to china. I know there have been threads similar to this but my question is do you believe this? And if so, would you still buy the brand? I really love the nightingale but after seeing those things made me second think because of the price and probably quality.
  2. I wouldn't buy it personally it sounds a bit suspect to me & I'm sure there fake but wait for someone that knows more than me I'm new to Givenchy although I have plenty of experience with Prada :smile:

    I'd only but from a reputable stockist
  3. Thanks for your reply. Hows the quality of prada? Im debating of buying a prada saffiano or a givenchy nightingale.
  4. I had a problem with my Saffiano tote, one of the poppers on the side came out of the leather but Prada exchanged it for a new one.
    There has been quite a lot of discussion on the Prada forum about quality so maybe check those out first but make sure you buy from a reputable seller because the market seems to be flooded with fakes for sale.
  5. I saw made in China Givenchy bags in a big reputable store in Dubai....They were relatively expensive. Personally I would not have bought one of those...
    They look cheap and the leather is not as great as in the made in Italy bags!
  6. Really? Wow that's really not good. Im planning to buy a brand new one but seeing these made in china bags makes me think twice if its stil worth it to buy one brand new?
  7. made in china doesnt necessarily mean it's subpar, just that it's cheaper for designers to produce them in china since they are super efficient and therefore less costly, and more profitable to designers. i think the made in china bags are also not retailed at the same level as made in italy bags? it just depends on what you are looking to get. if it's an all leather nightingale, then it should be made in italy, at least that's what i've seen thus far.
  8. Oh the all made where thread again, alot of brands are putting their production in China even your iPhones. The quality depends on the QC done by the brand themselves. There is nothing wrong with Chinese workmanship (after all have you seen their crafts that dates back to thousand of years), we just tend to associate bad quality with them because in order to make cost low, they use cheaper materials. Made in Italy doesn't make it better for sure - some products are made 90% in china and shipped over to Italy for final assembly for the made in Italy label. Some investigation also reveal that there are factory with a lot of migrant in Italy making these things, so what difference does it make?
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  9. Thanks so much for all the info. appreciate it!:smile::smile::smile:
  10. I have seen made in Italy and made in China Nightingales....I can tell you the difference is enormous.... You still pay for the the Chinese made are not cheap at all....
    For would be a made in Italy Gale or nothing!
  11. Re: 90% made in China, then shipped to Italy or elsewhere in Europe for final touch just to get the Made in Italy label. Yea, I heard this happens with skis too and whatever else I suppose...sigh, so deceitful.
  12. That's what some people say on the Internet....but the Internet is not gospel!
  13. Hi ladies, not sure if my post is going to get through here. I purchased this Givenchy nightingale quilted medium bag for a fraction on ebay. Just received it today. And I’m freaking out that it’s MADE IN CHINA???? It looks legit but for some reason the material feels too light not as heavy as tthe high end items. I’ve never owned a Givenchy bag so nothing to compare it to. Please please help
  14. I think you should find an online authentication service. I just bought an antigona from an authorized seller of givenchy, it is "Made in Italy" but the customs form says the goatskin origin is china--farmed goat from china. That's fine with me as they eat goat in Asia and at least the animal is going to waste. I'm not sure if any legit bags are officially made in china.
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  15. I've bought a Givenchy small bag and a tote bag some years ago from Dubai airport and just noticed while wanted to sell the smaller one forward, that both of them are made in China. It did not even occur to me that those would be made in China in the first place. Yet, on the other hand, I've never considered Givenchy as a brand for bags per se as like Pradas or any other relevant... so.... Is this something to consider that Givenchy is less of a value brand, yet the prices they ask for their bags, is not in line...
    To add here, what also totally shocked me was that I bought Reed Krakoff tote bag from the Net-A-Porter site, couple years back and luckily I bought it from sales as otherwise I would have been seriously pissed off... Made in China!
    Obviously, the manufacturing quality in China has and is improving, yet, when you pay a price of "Made in Italy / France" and you find Made in China, it does make you feel cheated, doesn't it?