Givenchy Pumpkin Bag

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  1. Liv Tyler has about 5 of these and I want only one lol :sad2: I am obsessed with finding on in either pale pink or black (the larger size, not the teeny one)? Is it possible to even get these anymore? I check ebay constantly but never see any. Thanks everyone! :love:
  2. could you post a picture?
  3. I wanna see too.
  4. Fleur, take heart! They occassionally pop up on ebay. I really love the givenchy pumpkin bag, and am on the look out for a large one in cream.
  5. Sure!



    Click on them and they get bigger :smile:
  6. very pretty indeed!!

    by the way, i love liv, although she is wearing those hideous uggs!
  7. I'm trying to keep the faith! I so badly want one in the pale pink shade :cry: I would kill for it lol.

  8. Wow, they are adorable !

    For a moment I read Liv Tyler as Liz Taylor.. and I was like, wow, she's actually not cooped up in the house now ?
  9. defin. leather over the nylon.....if that's the cream in the pic. above-it's a really nice color.
  10. Here's a pic of the cream leather pumpkin that I'm looking for, and a turquoise one that showed up on ebay this summer:

    Attached Files:

  11. GORGEOUS! Was the turquoise the smaller one? Does the large one fit on your shoulder? Thanks!

  12. either the light colored one in the pic above (pale pink or cream), or the cream posted.
  13. The turquoise was the larger one. I forgot about bidding on it, and then it was too late: I think it went for only $330. And the large one does fit on one's shoulder. I have the small black one, and it barely fits over my shoulder (forget about it if I'm wearing a jacket).