Givenchy Pandors Mini v. Small?

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  1. Haven't seen either in person but am looking for a fun cross body--any recommendations? I like that the small is a little bit larger and the price difference is minimal but didn't know how either look on. Thanks!
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    I have a mini in navy goatskin for weekends & casual days when I don't need to carry much. Saying that, it fits so much more than I though it would. Mine holds my wallet, card case, key pouch, earphones, lip balm, a small pouch with things like painkillers and hairbands. It can easily fit more and my iPad mini even fits. I keep my phone and my car key in the front pocket where they are easily accessible. I compared the small and the mini and I found the mini to be more than sufficient and I like that the strap is adjustable, which is awesome because I'm 184cm tall which makes it difficult to find a cross body that I could make long enough to not look ridiculous. I would attach a picture but I'm new here & don't have the first clue how to do it sorry!
  3. thank you so much for responding and your advice!!! I'm the same height so great point with the adjustable strap!
  4. No problem :smile: have you tried the Antigona in person? I've got a medium but I'm wondering about whether I could pull off a small in a fun colour or if it would look ridiculous, there's no Givenchy in New Zealand though so I can't try it myself. Just looking for an opinion from a fellow tall person :smile:
  5. no--I haven't!!! But, somehow whenever I try to pull off a small version of something, at my size, it looks like I'm wearing my daughter's things.
  6. That's exactly my fear! Oh well, I'll give it a miss, sure it won't be long until something else comes along!
  7. Does anyone have a picture of what the pandora small looks like on? I have a panda in medium but am considering the small but it's not available here so I've no way of trying it on. I'm 5'7", medium build. Thanks!