Givenchy Pandora

  1. Thank you gchandler5! I owned a black PS1 for less than a day. When I brought it home I kept wondering why it was just like and not love and then my significant other came home and said, "hey you got a laptop bag! kinda looks like mine!" I realized then and there that it had to go back.
  2. I think the pandora looks great on guys! I was at bvlgari looking at the bzero1 rings and the SA that helped me kepted talking about my black med pandora. When I was done he asked if he could take a pic of my bag which I let him do.

    I was wondering if u tried on the large size. I bought mine sight unseen and am wondering how much larger the large is.
  3. Btw, enjoy ur new bag and congrats! U made the right choice. I've wanted a ps1 bag but the quality issue I've been reading has put me off. Plus I don't like the handle.
  4. Thank you! I knew I liked the medium the second I tried it on, the SA had me try on the large as well and while it's still a great bag, it was too big on me (I'm 5'4). I tried on a bunch of colors as the SA suggested although I felt bad because there were deflated bags and stuffers EVERYWHERE by the time I settled on the dark brown :-z
  5. Looks great on you! Yes, love that it's both "versatile and edgy". Can't wait for my sage pepe to get here!!!
  6. Thank you! Sage sounds like it's a rich and beautiful color!
  7. very cool bag for a man!!congrats. i love pandora.
  8. congrats on ur pandora, looks very good on u:smile: can I ask how tall u r? I'm deciding between a small and a medium pandora.
  9. I saw it at Nordstrom in the Twin Cities, so the Nordstrom in NYC must have it. It is beautiful, but it is awkward. I tried it on and did not care for it. The SA tried it on and showed me how she wears it (She has the bag) and it looked good on her. Must depend on the person. Also, it depends on what you carry. If it gets stuffed it would look awkward.
  10. My newish Pandora studying with me at the library, I'm so smitten! ^_^
  11. Congrats - beautiful! What color is it?
  12. Rather than do a reveal thread...I'm just going to post my new Pandora here. I just picked it up, and OMG, I'm in LOVE! Think this is going to be my fave bag of all time!!! Love how the gold hardware pops on the sage pepe leather. Perfect mix of classy and funky, form and function. :yahoo::happydance::woot:

    Some pics and modeling...for reference, I'm 5'6". And sorry the last shot is blurry, but wanted to show how the large padded Chameleon insert fits perfectly in...keeps everything organized and easy to find, and gives the bag just enough poof so that it doesn't lay flat as a pancake.




  13. Also for reference, it's medium size and I got from Al Duca D'Aosta in Italy for 648 Euros....score!
  14. Thank you! It's dark brown goatskin, the color seems to change depending on the lighting. It can look almost black or dark grey or even green. It was either this or black but I have a few black bags already, this dark brown is actually quite rich and versatile!
  15. Beautiful bag! That color is lovely and the Pepe leather is so interesting, in the best way!