Givenchy Pandora

  1. Have you guys seen the new cigar color? It's like a tan color. I was wondering if it would be prone to color transfer. Any thoughts?? Thanks
  2. Hope someone posts a photo of a goatskin pandora in cigar ;)
  3. OMG, this forum is SSSSOOOOOOOO bad! Never heard of this store before, but just found a sage pandora on 30% off...and within minutes, it's in my basket and on its way to me :whistle:
  4. :graucho: congrats! did you use paypal? just read here that buyers who've used paypal on the site experienced faster delivery. whereas, cc's took longer than usual bec they had to go thru a security verification process. haven't tried myself, though.... anyway, wishin you a smooth speedy transaction!
  5. Oh,, I used a cc, but already got notice this morning that my payment cleared and they're getting ready to ship!
  6. I bought a mini pandora 3 months ago and been dying to get a medium one ever since. And today I've gotten myself a medium wrinkled sheepskin pandora in cigar. :smile: will post pics when I get home. Couldn't figure how to post pics now on iPad.
  7. Please post pics. I have seen that color but I bet it's beautiful. To post pics on iPad there is a + button next to send when u post and u can upload from there.
  8. **have not
  9. Ah, thanks for the tip. Here's the gorgeous bag in cigar.

  10. Congrats! It's beautiful. I love tan bags
  11. i was just saying in another thread that G comes out with gorgeous colors every season and cigar is no exception. it's the perfect neutral, not too light to worry about getting it dirty, but still in the tan family.
  12. Hi everyone I'm new to Purse Forum. I'd like to share a picture of me and my new and first Givenchy. I got a medium Pandora in dark brown goatskin. I initially went into Barneys intending to get a large PS1 in black but thought it looked too much like a simple laptop bag. I had been eyeing the Pandora before and fell hard for the rich dark brown leather. I also love how the Pandora is so easy to use and manages to be both versatile and edgy.
  13. Welcome!! That bag looks amazing!!!
  14. Thank you! I really love it. Such a quietly cool and chic bag.
  15. melikey, IMO, you made the right choice. the pandora looks great on you. i have never been a fan of the PS1's and i agree that it does look too much like a laptop bag. haven't heard that comparison before, but it is spot on!