Givenchy Pandora

  1. I'm in the same position as you. I just had the latest medium black Givenchy Pandora (the one with the gold chain details around the shoulder strap) delivered but am still undecided between this bag and the Balenciaga.

    I must admit that when I saw the online store pics of the Pandora, I thought it was UGLY. But I then saw 2 women with the bag and FELL IN LOVE. It looks nothing like how it looks in pictures. The bag slouched oh-so-beautifully off their shoulders and the leather was gorgeous. I then did a google search of the bag and fell more in love with the images that popped up of actual people carrying the bag.

    The only thing that I dont love about the bag is the price tag. $2005 is so much :sad:

    Still deciding...
  2. Hi everyone! I'll be purchasing my Givenchy Pandora in the small size today. I had originally wanted the grey color but after seeing the black and brown I've become indecisive. I can't make up my mind! Do you guys think I should stick to the grey I wanted or play it super safe with black or brown. Do you think the grey is too light in color?

    Here is a photo of all four colors! I have to make up my mind today as I already reserved the bag, my SA is only waiting to make the transaction.


  3. I think it is a great "new" and unique design. But, I'm not a huge fan of the "ultra" distressed leather, but I love the look of the bag in some other skins. However, the one thing I find very annoying is that, though the bag is on the large size, the zipper opening is not, so you can't really open the bag to get at what is inside very easily. Just sayiin.
  4. I just made up my mind, judging from how many black bags I have already (I have 5) I decided to go with the grey color!
  5. Wow, thanks for that picture with all the colors! The grey seems to be the best, great choice! I do love, love, love the black and brown after seeing the photos too though. I'm glad you posted because I've been wanting the grey and thinking I would never find it, but now I like the other colors too! What do you guys think of the blue one on the Barneys website? It looks nice as well. I love, love, love this bag!

    It is definitely on my list!
  6. Oh, and if there is another grey where you got this that I could have sent to me I would love to know!
  7. i just bought the grey pandora in the small size...i love it!! it's so easy to carry and is really comfortable....i find it more comfy then my balenciagas (which i'm obsessed with). the leather is also thicker and nicer then the leather of my bbags:smile: i think the grey is such a unique color as well
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    GearGirly, I got the grey pandora from Cultstatus, Perth, Australia through mail order. They definitely do have more in stock when I last asked, since shipment arrived just 2 weeks ago. I know that this color is harder to find now in the U.S so I quickly grabbed this beauty. Black will always be available but not grey so grey it is for now!

    If you would like to ask them about stock availability you can email them at this address They are very reliable, ordered from them once before and the bag arrived in three days. I also think the prices for the small pandora are not much different than with tax in the U.S. It could even cheaper than the U.S. Not so sure about the original retail price of this in the U.S but judging from the prices of Barneys which ranges from $1750 to $1845 without tax, Cultstatus is cheaper since I got this bag for a total of USD$1747 (AUD$1768) including shipping costs already. Quite a good deal I believe.

    You can also check their website, they have other leather variations and colors of the pandora
  9. anmldr1, did you get yours in NYC? How much did you get it for?
  10. no i got mine on long island at was 1750
  11. Including NY tax?

  12. not including tax...i think it came to 19something
  13. I see, I was just curious about the price difference from Australia. Thanks for letting me know. :smile:
  14. Thanks! I love the grey, it is amazing looking, but I'm also drawn to the black, I think I need to see if they have it in at Barney's maybe tomorrow, and go from there. I love that this is unique, well made, and easy to carry! It seems awesome.

  15. Hi!! ~ love the grey!! Good choice, especially if you already own 5 black bags. Pls post pics when you get it. I'm so excited for you and every other Givenchy Pandora holder! haha.