Givenchy Pandora Sizes

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  1. Hello all. If anyone was debating what size to buy in the Givenchy pandora bag i found this pic to be super helpful. Also if anyone has a similar pic with the antigona bag i would really appreciate it :smile:
  2. Which color is the medium??
  3. I think the black one that is being shoulder carried is a good size!
  4. Yes! I like the size of the black one...just can't tell if it's medium or small!
  5. It looks to me like it's a medium.
  6. That photo from cultstatus is meant to show- mini, small, medium and large sizes. So the black one is small. HTH ;)
  7. I think its medium cuz the orange one seems the smallest.
  8. The orange is the mini and the black is the small. :smile:
  9. This is very helpful!! I'm currently deciding on a size. What's everyone's size pick?
  10. It really depends on your frame or how much you bring with you on a daily basis. I'm a guy and 5'9, so usually the best size for my height (IMO) is a large. Most ladies either go for the small or medium because the large can be overwhelming. However, I've seen many girls rock the large. :smile:

    How tall are you if you don't mind me asking? My friend who's around 5'4 or 5'5 has a medium. Looks great on her!
  11. I'm 5'3 and am used to carrying big bags but I think the one thing that gets me is the fact that it only has one strap and I don't like the look of bags that are too bulky when things are in it. And having strap can't balance the bag out.

    The one thing I love about this bag is that it's so different and edgy :smile: LOVEEE IT!! I can't wait to get it. I keep going back and forth between small and medium for sure!

    Thanks for the feedback in advance :smile:
  12. I just purchased a brown goatskin large Pandora.

    Love the brown color but I'm wondering if the large is too overwhelming. I am 5'4 inches and curvy. Normally wear a large Longchamp Le Pilage to work.

    What do the Pandora lovers think? Should I stick with the large or go for a medium? Thank you.
  13. To reply to all:

    I tried large and medium. Started with large, but exchanged for medium the next day.

    Large is massive - it holds the stuff I need to carry, but really did feel overwhelming for my 5'2" frame.

    Medium is a nice size to wear, but does not hold enough to be a daily bag for me -- so it is tough to justify $2K. I had a medium in black goatskin -- LOVED her, carried her on light-load days and outside of work -- but eventually sold her because iI could not justify keeping her on a cost-per use basis.

    The other factor is that goatskin is spectacularly thick, chewy and durable, yet it is also heavy. Even the medium, when filled with what she could comfortably hold, was too heavy to wear crossbody for more than short trips. The short shoulder handle is great - the bag hangs perfectly under the arm and -- with a single handle, does not slip off. Another strike against Panda -- crossbody is a must-have for me (even more now than when I had her) - so as much as I love Panda, it doesn't work well for me.

    I still long for a Pandora. I have considered trying a small -- abandoning any hope of using it for work. I have also considered trying a large in the softer leather - thinking that it may be lighter weight and drape differently - perhaps less overwhelming on small frame.

    The only way to know for sure is to try different sizes and different colors... if you're in a place where you can see them in real life before buying.

    For now, on a ban after buying first Bal, so.... hope this can help someone.
  14. Oh no, is the medium really very heavy? I was planning on getting a medium Panda as a workhorse bag but I need crossbody and my shoulders can't stand much weight. How heavy would you say it is?
  15. On the French site,, they say the medium weighs 1 kilogram.