Givenchy Nightingale w/gold hardware??

  1. Calling all Givenchy experts, as I am clueless :p.
    I didn't think I liked the Nightingale-bag at all... Until I found out it also came with gold hardware! I like gold... :graucho: Now I'm seriously considering getting one! But - I have only seen one picture of the bag w/gold hw. Does anyone know what size comes with gold? I have my eyes on the large one. And I want the "old" one, the type that we've seen the Olsen-twins etc carry, not the new type.
    There is one for sale on eBay. It's obviously a fake, and I don't want that, but that one seems to have two tones of gold on the bag. A darker tone on the zippers and a lighter tone on the rings etc on the sides. Is that so for the real bags as well, or are they in one tone?
    I'm very thankful If someone can answer my questions, cause if the bag I want isn't even to be found I will start looking for another new bag instead :p.