Givenchy Nightingale vs Fendi shoulder bag

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Givenchy Nightingale or Fendi shoulder bag

  1. Givenchy Nightingale

  2. Fendi shoulder bag

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  1. Hi Ladies, I'm thinking of adding a new bag to my wardrobe (the first bag purchase this year!) and can't decide between the Givenchy brown Nightingale and the Fendi color-block shoulder bag. I currently have these bags in rotation:

    - LV Palermo PM
    - LV Epi Speedy in Cassis
    - Chloe small Marcie in brown
    - Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio in Bordeaux (my everyday bag)
    - LV NF MM
    - Derek Lam clutch
    - Mulberry Daria clutch

    Frankly, I know I have enough bags for every possible occasion but I have been lusting after these 2 bags for the longest time and thought that I could give myself a treat this year.

    I've tried both on IRL. I love the slouchy look and leather of the Nightingale, esp when carried in the hand or crook of the arm and I know this calf leather version will be very easy to maintain. However, I'm not so sure about the look of it when carried on the shoulder (kind of uncontrolled-looking if you KWIM). While I love the look of hand-carried bags, I tend to use my shoulder bags more frequently esp. on a daily basis.

    On the other hand, I think the Fendi shoulder bag looks really cute and I don't have a small shoulder bag in my wardrobe yet. But it'll drive me absolutely crazy if the white leather gets dirty or color transfer. Plus the underside of the flap is white suede (dirt magnet!). I'm also wondering if the D-rings hooked onto the top of the flap by holes that are not reinforced, will cause strain (wrinkles/ breakage) on the leather after some use. Also, while I think the color-blocking looks really cute now, I'm not sure if this particular design can stand the test of time or will look dated say 1 or 2 yrs from now?

    I like them both equally I think, so pls give me some opinions! Or should I just not get either and just wait and hope for perfection to come along?

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  2. I vote for the Nightingale!
  3. Hi DisCo, thanks for your very fast reply! :smile: I've seen your Nightingale reveal and yours' gorgeous! How do you like it when you carry it on your shoulder in terms of look and feel?
  4. Thanks happy.epi!

    I love how comfy it is on the shoulder and with a little weight inside the bag, it'll naturally hang a certain way when you use the shoulder strap. This bag is so lightweight and the shoulder strap cushiony that you hardly feel like you're carrying anything at all.:smile:
  5. Nightingale :love: I saw a Orange color in LV, it is so gorgeous.
  6. No competition, Nightingale!

    I feel you'll get so much more use out of it than the Fendi. And it can be carried in versatile styles :yes:
  7. Nightingale, for sure-- my current dream bag:hbeat:
  8. I vote Nightingale as well.
  9. I'd vote Nightingale.

    First because, as you've said, it seems like it will last the test of time--classic and luxe. Second because I've never liked when a bag has a large flap and the straps or handle are attached to that flap--always seems to pull the bag out of shape if you carry much in it at all, and it's a pain to open the flap and have the bag flop open (if it's still on your shoulder while open) or the strap banging around with the opened flap (if it's on a surface). Finally, the white on the Fendi would be an issue for me for the same reasons you state, and the leather is so fabulous on the Nightingale that there's no reason to take a chance on that white....
  10. Nightingale!
  11. Thanks everyone for your votes! Looks like the Nightingale is the clear winner here! The thing now then is the color and leather choice.. after thinking about it, I decided that I would prefer a lighter color (like the nude-colored one Kate Beckinsale has). But I'd be really afraid of color transfer here.

    Then, the leather.. The calf leather version would be ideal since it'll be easy to maintain. But I haven't seen any calf leather Nightingale in light colors anywhere. Only the lamb skin version is available in light colors, it seems. Don't get me wrong, I love lamb leather but my MJ Rio has already had its 4 corners worn out and I haven't been rough with it over the last 9 months although it's my everyday bag.

    Owners of Nightingales, what do you think? Decisions, decisions... :confused1: