Givenchy Nightingale or YSL Easy Bag..which one is better?

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  1. Hi Guys

    I am tossing up between buying a givenchy nightingale or a YSL easy bag but I want to know which one will be best for travelling on holiday?

    As I am looking for a new holiday bag and can not decide between the two, are they both comfortable to wear on the shoulder?
  2. Hi, there! Pictures would be really helpful to do a side-by-side comparison.
  3. I'm leaning towards the Givenchy nightingale. I love that bag. What color? What size?
  4. They're both great for the purpose.

    Buy the one that you're most likely to want to use after too.
  5. I have both bags you're considering. The Nightingale is much easier on the shoulder IMO, and much easier to wear against the body.
  6. I have bought the YSL easy and returned it later, It was 'too' simple for me :P
    BUT the Givenchy is my DREAM bag, so I vote for that :graucho:
    and it has a better long handle, easier on the shoulder
  7. Givenchy, hands down. Get a large with the zipped strap, not the skinny, pack her with everything you need for carry on and go ;) that bag fits everything, plus the kitchen sink.
  8. Thanks girls!

    I think I am no leaning more towards the nightingale in the med size in black after seeing all your comments :yahoo:
  9. ive got both but i'd prefer the easy in a big sized. dont get me wrong, the givenchy is amazing, but if ur someone who tends to fill up any bag ur using then it's for one not great on the shoulders. heh. i tend to use the easy more even when im not traveling :smile: its up to u really, they are both great bags.
  10. 'gale. i have 3.
  11. Definitely the Nightingale
  12. I think the Nightingale is absolute a classic. I am pining for one so badly! :smile: I am personally not feeling any YSL bags lately except the Muse 2.
  13. Givenchy Nightingale. It's great for travelling and you can fill in anything.:yes:
  14. periwinkle I would actually recommend the large, if you want to carry a lot/travel with it? I have the medium in black and sometimes it frustrates me because it's not as big as I would like it to be ( time to find a large! )