Givenchy Nightingale in light violet, navy, or dark green?

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Which color to get?

  1. Navy

  2. Light Violet

  3. Dark Green

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi all! I am planning to buy givenchy nightingale but I can't decide which color to get. Should I get the light violet, navy, or dark green? Which one is easier to take care?

    Thank you
  2. do u have pics of each bag as there are diff leathers. as for easiest, the darker the bag, the less you have to worry about maintenance.
  3. No, sorry I don't have the picture. but all are smooth lamb leather
  4. I have the lamb Nightingale in navy... so far it's been very easy to take care of. I know that the smooth surface is more susceptible to scratches, etc. - but so far, so good.

    The navy color is quite versatile; it goes with almost everything!

    I think dark green would be a good neutral as well. Not sure which color is light violet... there are some lovely mid- to dark purples though, that could work with a lot of outfits.
  5. i'd go with the navy then, and the dark green a close second since I'm coveting Givenchy green bags right now
  6. I like violet color! But if you are afraid of color transfer issue go with dark green or navy. I think you are considering from HGbags? I saw all the photos! All are gorgeous color!
  7. My vote:
    1. Navy
    2. Dark green
    3. Light violet

    I'm not sure about the exact shade of the last one but I think that funky colours look better on the Pandora. Nightingale is more a 'grown up' bag, so a classic colour suits it better. However, it depends on what colour you love the most.
  8. I agree with some of the other posts. Navy, green and then violet. Eventhough I feel both pandora and nightingales are both" grown up" bags. I own both and I am pretty grown up!
  9. :shame::sweatdrop:
    Sorry, I didn't know how to better explain it. It's just that I didn't see the nightingale in a pale lilac colour as well as the pandora (in the pepe leather especially). I love both styles too and have two pandoras and wear mine out when dressed up.
  10. :peace::smooch: No worries lili...I just wanted to clear that up.
  11. navy
  12. Voted for dark green as one of my fav colors