Givenchy nightingale color


Jan 14, 2013
Hi there. New to givenchy but the first bag that sparked my interest into "nice" purses was the nightingale. Finally ready to purchase a used one but wondering about color. I have a black mbmj fran, huge hillier also a an anthracite balenciaga velo. Thinking that might be black overkill. I know a black nightingale is/looks classic. I am eyeing a khaki--the color in pics llooks brown. Does it have green tones? I wear a lot of dark denim mostly and would be using it more informally. Any help would be appreciated! I am 5'7 and am def thinking med is best. There is an older black one I'm eyeing too- only it doesn't have the givenchy logos. That's a first edition? Would the lamb nightingale be more delicate than my velo 2011 balenciaga bag? Maybe calf would be better?
Thank you!!!


Truly Addicted
Dec 22, 2010
You are right. Medium would be a good size for you.

Givenchy does not give their seasonal colors names that are as unique as Balenciaga does. The khaki you are looking at can be a different shade from the current khaki which is definitely green. Best bet is to ask for shots in natural lighting from different angels.

The lambskin is not any more delicate than Bal's lambskin. Lambskin in general will be more delicate than calf or goat etc.


May 4, 2007
You could also check on goatskin/grained leather. Goatskin Nightingale has beautiful texture and is more durable than smooth lambskin Nightingale. Color wise, Khali or Gray would go perfectly with your denim outfits.