Givenchy Nightingale BUY or NOT BUY??

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  1. I've been in love with Givenchy Nightingale for a pretty long time. It's growing on me but lately I've spent too much on sale stuff! :graucho:

    I just saw in back in stock and it's such a torture to see it goes!

    Should I go ahead and snap one? Is this collection going to be on sale? TIA PG_20106.6848_ZM1.jpg
  2. i think it's a gorgeous bag!
  3. I LOVE this bag, though I'm afraid that it will go out of style too quickly. If you love it, you should go for it. I haven't seen Givenchy's go on sale yet.
  4. Love it! Get it. The leather on the Givenchy's is TDF!
  5. Givenchy is hard enough to find, let alone to find on sale. Definately a plus in their designs as it stands out of the crowd.
  6. Beautiful. Where did you see it and does it come in other colours?
  7. It is gorgeous. The only place that I have seen Givenchy is Barneys. Barneys has them online and I also saw them at the store in Chicago. I say go for it if you really think you will use it.
  8. I definitely think you should do it. Although it's been seen on a few celebs, I think the bag has very classic lines to it. It's seems practical and functional at the same time.

    Let us know what you decide to do!
  9. i love this bag love the classic lines and the extra long stap
  10. I love this bag. I think that is very practical as an everyday bag but has a beautiful silhouette, I say go for it! Are you thinking about white or black? I think that Henri Bendel in NYC carries Givenchy bags, and obviously the Givenchy boutique on Madison.
  11. i have the maxi nightingale in black distressed patent. very limited edition. it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it reminds me of my bal bags, when no one knew what they were, when they first came out. i get fabulous reactions on the street from people demanding to know what my bag is and where i got it.:supacool::heart:
  12. Buy It!!!
  13. I wouldn't wait til it goes on sale. Personally, I've never seen Givenchy on sale.. they're hard enough to come across to even think about missing the chance to buy them!! I say, GO FOR IT!! And do show pics afterwards, puhleeze?
  14. If you love it, buy it!!
  15. I say buy it. It's an investment. I saw a photo posted of one tpfer's in anthracite. I have been trying to find one in the same color to no avail. I'm going to Barney's this weekend to check their stock out.