Givenchy nano Eden bag

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag in-person? How small is the bag and how much stuff can this bag hold? Thanks.

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  2. I haven’t seen this in person yet, but until someone else chimes in, looking at the dimensions online it says:
    Depth 1.6 in
    Height 3.9 in
    Width 5.9 in

    Meaning it will hold an iPhone X (2.79 by 5.65 inches), but possibly only without a case.

    I have the Mini Pocket Quilted which is a tad larger (and will hold an iPhone X with a case):
    Depth 1.5 in
    Height 4.0 in
    Width 7.1 in

    This thread shows what I can fit in the Mini Pocket Quilted if that helps.