Givenchy Lovers please help!!! Singaporean-based need ur advice also :)

  1. there's a 30% discount till the end of the month
  2. Yes so lucky to have this:p Just arrived here in our boutique that carries GIVENCHY... This is the last one.... The other one is also reserved..... Love the leather and the color combination. Hope you'll find yours soon!
  3. Where is this sale? They have this online? Kindly share the link if yes. TY;)
  4. Hi. Would you be able to share the 30% code from Luisaviaroma?
  5. Which website has the 30% discount?
  6. Givenchy's boutique at Paragon. i bought my small pandora there
  7. You know how much is the medium? Wht colors avail for sale?i Pls post pics of ur purchse :smile:

    i guess the medium would cost around $2000 after discount since the SA told me the difference in price for the small and medium is $200. i'm not too sure about what colours are available now. But when i was there i saw the medium in red, patent brown, black (2 kinds- one in calf leather and another in distressed), purple (if i didn't remember wrongly)

    hope this helps :smile:
  9. Thanks so much:smile: Is the $2000 in US dollars or singapore dollars? Ur bag is PRETTY;)
  10. singapore dollars
  11. I'll be getting the Choc Pandora Large in pink gold hardware :p Khalid (I think that's how you spell it) from the Paragon store has been so nice and helpful.

  12. Did u find wallets on sale? How much? Looking for something as partner to my bag:graucho:
  13. To be honest, I haven't checked out their wallets. I will and update shoudl I spy any :smile:

    I love my LV epi wallet set and they've served me well over 5 years!

  14. Okay, thank you:smile:
  15. I went 2 days back and they've got a couple of men's wallets. But honestly, not too inspiring.

    Whilst there, they were wheeling in the BRAND NEW Fall/Winter collection'12. Set to debut 1st July!:biggrin: