Givenchy Lovers please help!!! Singaporean-based need ur advice also :)

  1. Marlina, any modeling pictures from you? I havent had the chance to use it yet so I'm interested to see from nightingale users' modeling pictures!
  2. Hi lepasion, I did saw one black in small size like the one you posted earlier on the shelve when I was there a week earlier ago. But its with gold hooks, more rocker chic look to the bag so the price is almost equivalent to a medium size nightingale.
  3. Hi! Just wanted to tell you I recently got the nightingale and I'm IN LOVE!!! I have the large ( I'm almost 5'7) and I have 2 kids and it's such a practical bag!! It's so roomy I can fit TONZ of things inside! I have a brown croc-stamped one with gunmetal hardware. The leather is to die for!!
  4. Hopefully the store has stock next week of that color:p ty
  5. Congrats too on ur purchase...:biggrin: u should share pics of ur new baby:smile:
  6. Love this red!
  7. My one and only Givenchy , in bright red medium

  8. Sorry for the dodgy pic, it was taken from my hp.
    It looks like hot pink due to the lighting & flash
  9. U look great!!!!
  10. Marlina, you look absolute fabulous with your nightingale + outfit! Absolute red to go! ;)
  11. Medium is the way to go, I think.
  12. Beautiful! The bag and color really fits you! :smile: Congrats!
  13. image-2980920539.png

    Here's my newbie!!
  14. Thks guys.
    GivenchyGal - Your bag is stunning
  15. Thank u ladies for all ur replies.... Other advices r also welcome :smile: