Givenchy Lovers please help!!! Singaporean-based need ur advice also :)

  1. Hi, im really lusting to buy a Givency bag.
    Ive got balenciaga, LV, goyard and chanel.
    Ive got a structured bag the LV trevi but it is too heavy for me. The rest have slouch..
    Im 5'2" in ht.

    It will be my 1st Givenchy bag;)
    I want a bag not too heavy coz i usually travel wth kids.

    Ive got 2 choices:
    (1) Nightingale Small. Black with gold hardwares.
    Please see attached pic (got this from another thread) from tshermin (hope u dont mind i copied it)...
    (2) Antigona - got amazed from REREsaurus pics :smile: also love her dark khaki green or gray antigona.

    Kindly help me also what type of leather to choose....
    So please help me ladies to decide???

    U can post ur pics for reference so I can check also:smile:

    Im going to Singapore on Feb 13, so ladies based there, please chime-in....
    a. Could you tell me where is the Givency stores located?
    b. Current inventories based on my 2 choices? Whr did u find it?
    c. And please help me regarding the prices.

    Thanks in advance Givenchy lovers:smile::smile::smile:
  2. MEDIUM size will do also:biggrin:
  3. I was just there last month! :biggrin:

    Givenchy is in Paragon Mall (across Takashimaya.) The moment you enter the main entrance, you'll find it on your left. Look for a wonderful SA named C (like the letter.) She's a Filipina who is really accommodating and pleasant. :smile:

    I'm not sure about the prices of Antigona and Nightingales, but I found the prices of the Pandoras reasonable (plus you get the tax refund.) Have you considered getting a Pandora? They are truly beautiful, versatile and classic with an edge. Check them out as well!
  4. Wow great, thanks for the info:smile: Yes will surely check pandora. Im just hesitant with this style coz I can't use it in the office...
  5. Just to give you an idea, I work in an elementary school, and I'm able to use it. A lot of people actually use this bag to the office! :smile: Check it out in black which is the most office appropriate, and see which leather works best. The one I use is a Large Black in Goatskin with silver hardware.

  6. Just to let you know, my suggestion will be get the medium size its more useful for work. And its also a great style for casual, night out with a cool vibe. I'm referring to the Nightingale as I just got one last week from Paragon. :smile:

    You can try on the sizes, small is really indeed very small looks more like a lunch bag size to me. Medium looks absolutely just the right size. Large is too big in my opinion.

    Price for Medium size embossed logo is $2550. Large $2800. Small would be $2300-$2400.
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Givenchy Nightingale in Bright Red Lambskin.
    (P.S: Pardon messy background)
  8. I was there yesterday and got the Nightingale. My very 1st Givenchy. But I didn't see any Nightingale with any gold hardwares on display. Maybe I wasn't actively looking becoz that was a lil over my budget. The SA is indeed a Filipino and she's very patient and nice. I went there twice becoz I cldn't decide. I wanted a 2 tone Nightingale but she said it wasn't available but finally got a Medium in Red.
  9. Wow really nice bag...;) thanks for ur advice too... Did u happen to see a black one like in my attached pic in d shop last week? Thanks again....
  10. Congrats in ur purchase is it the same with -HER? How much in Singapore dollars? Ty:smile:
  11. Yup, It's the same ! I have many LV's and black bags. Wanted a splash of color. So happy and well worth the money. I LOVE the smell . hahahah
  12. Taken outside Givenchy Paragon. I wasn't allowed to take a pic inside :oh:
    Didn't see any with gold hard wear

  13. Wow thanks for this shot:graucho: Saw some antigonas, u have idea how much is it? But I can't see black in the shelf?
  14. They only show the different sizes of the Nightingale. You gotta request the color and the SA will get it for you.
    The Pandora has many types of leather , hence it's displayed more.
    If I'm not mistaken , the medium Antigonas is ard SGD 3k - grained leather
  15. Ok noted, thanks again:smooch::smooch::hugs: