Givenchy Fall 2014 bags

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  1. Already! Oh the suede is amazing. Excited to see more from the FW collection.
  2. I like the pink lucrezia, so adorable. Also interesting to see that last tote...looks like a mix of a pandora with a classic tote shape.

    The studded nightingale looks amazing, but the area where the studs are placed is the area that usually sags into the bag when wearing it...
  3. Not so sure about all the studs , a bit Rocco for my liking . The plastic ( looking ) handled tote has picked my interest though
  4. I think the purple suede is gorgeous!
  5. Agreed, I don't like the studs they look very rocco and AW-ish but they also look out of place on the nightingale
  6. I love the Pandora with the dark handles contrasting the bag's body.

    I really can't stand the HDG logo :sad:
  7. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That blue is the exact blue I have dreaming of for a Givenchy bag. I have been just lusting after it! Thanks for starting this thread PurseACold, I am so excited for Givenchy A/W 14!

    On my screen there are a couple bags that look very blue jean blue, everyone does it look that way on your screens?

    Very excited to see if it is what I *hope* it is, LOL................the time I put into thinking about a Season that is not even here yet gives me pause sometimes, lol.
  8. p.s. Just received the Purseblog email with the link you provided above PurseACold and at the bottom of it, it reads 'get the blues' is like a little devil on my shoulder, LOL. Must get!
  9. That blue is gorgeously perfect! I'm obsessed too. Can't wait to see it in real life!