GIVENCHY F/W 2011 Colour Guide and Sizing Reference (Nightingale and Pandora)

  1. I've been contemplating on a Nightingale but they always look bulky when I see it in Barney's lol. But finally bit the bullet and got this beauty from the LVR sale.

    Definitely my favorite purse at the moment!!! This is also my work then go to gym bag. It fits my daily essentials and running sneakers, and gym outfit. I LOVE IT!!! Might get another soon, but can't decide on the color.

    Anyway, here is is.. a Pink medium with gold hardware. It's a shade or two lighter than this picture.

  2. Question for any of you nightingale lovers out there: is the color sand a light pink? Or more beige? I saw 2 different pics both in sand but looked very different.
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  3. gorgeous gorgeous color, and i esp like how the gold hw sets off against the pink.

    don't you love how you think a bag seems a certain way in the store, but when you actually try it, it's like a whole new ball game?

    i agree that it's the perfect every day bag, which is why i have so darn many. i love it for work, play, and it's so understated. in fact, all of givenchy bags have the same classy feel.
  4. are you looking at the ringed one from this season or the classic one?
  5. Classic one
  6. hello! sorry i am not sure if it is the correct thread to ask , but i am looking for this fall winter 2011 studded nightingale in THIS LEATHER MEDIUM SIZE(found one on farftech but leather seems different and very shiny)

    any idea?? TIA!!
    Nightingale bag in Medium Black Parade lambskin with gold stud.jpg
  7. So gorgeous! That colour is just amazing...need to get me a calfskin nightingale! And don't you just love LVR's sales?
  8. imo, its more on the pink side, but only slightly so.
  9. Ive seen this on Dont worry about the shine of the leather, its more the flash while photographed. Its a more subtle sheen. This leather is the more expensive one and it will wear nicely. fyi, I own several and I adore the leather.
  10. :nuts:thank you so much randr21;i saw this bag on a very elegant lady and leather didn't seem so shine, but pillowy and smooshy:graucho: ,very different from this one

    i am glad that it is only becuase of the flash that appears so shiny:smile:
  11. btw, the bag is still available, and 30% off too. it's great on days you dont feel like a stud, you can just flip it around!
  12. Is the Large Pandprw gigantic? I am 5'4" and just ordered it from Hazel which is a color I love. Any girl with modeling pics of it???

    I also got the Nightingale North South in Hazel, and the brown an black Antigona....on a roll...but love this leather, and all the styles are!!!
  13. I just saw this bag at givenchy paris rue du faubourg :biggrin:
  14. thanks do you know if they ship international? i am in italy:graucho: