GIVENCHY F/W 2011 Colour Guide and Sizing Reference (Nightingale and Pandora)

  1. I'll make a Nightingale Reference thread :smile:
  2. :yes:
    Yes, it's so hard to find info on Givenchy, it's all over the place.

    ^^^For example, I thought there was an existing Nightingale Thread, but it's hard to find sometimes.

    Thanks again for all this information. :ty:
  3. The colors are so gorgeous. Thank you for posting them. I love this style and am glad to finally have some information on them. Has anyone ever ordered a Nightingale through Farfetch? I am tempted, as they are slightly less with the VAT deduction. I am concerned about shipping/duty though.
  4. I'd rather purchase Givenchy bags through online retailers such as because they already have the duties and taxes computed and the price you see is the only price you need to pay for. They have an awesome selection of Nightingales too! I don't know how cheap they are compared to farfetch though.

  5. If you buy from LVR and decide to return the item do they also refund the taxes/duties you paid? I've always wondered how that would work.
  6. Thank you for the info, DisCo. The farfetched bag is actually through Tessabit, a store in Italy. I could also purchase through Tessabit and they ship DHL. I will investigate Luisaviaroma too though, as I have bought from them in the past.
  7. $2155 vs. $1550(after VAT)-still quite a difference. It is tempting.
  8. May I ask what bag you are comparing? When I checked the website, the price is very comparable with LVR when I select the currency in USD. Maybe I am missing something.
  9. I was looking at medium nightingales, although they were different colors on the two sites. The lower price only came up after I put it in my bag to purchase and ship to the US. I may have overlooked something about the particulars, as I am not all that familiar with this bag.
  10. It depends on the reason for the return....if it's because of a defective bag like with my purchase before they'll refund everything including duties and taxes but if it's because you simply changed your mind about the bag and not because of a defective product then the refund will be excluding the duties/taxes.

  11. Thanks Disco! It's something I've always wondered while I do check out their site I have yet to purchase anything from them and I never ordered something from overseas. I guess if I buy from them I better be sure it's something I really want or I'll loose the cost of the duties/taxes.
  12. Oh btw, exchanging your item is FREE if you exchange it for a bag of equal or greater value so if you change your mind and prefer another bag on their site no need to pay extra duties/taxes in processing the exchange.
  13. Good to know!