Givenchy Easy tote?

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  1. Anyone have the Givenchy Easy bag? It looks gorgeous online and would love to hear more about how it is in person and how good of a bag it is. Thanks! :smile::smile::smile:
  2. I've seen it in my local Givenchy but didn't really give it a thorough test drive. Tomorrow I'm going back to take some photos with it. I actually like it, but wasn't yet sure 100% if I love it. But now the bag's nagging me! Lol. I'll post photos tomorrow :smile:
  3. Thanks!
  4. I haven't see this bag up close and it seems many of the "bag" bloggers are really liking it. For me personally, I'm not decided yet if I like it or not. There something I can't put my finger on why I don't instantly love this bag. But if I to point out what I like about the bag it would be the minimal construction and the beautiful geometric design at bottom. Price wise I think its very considerable. Iconic or classic? I can't say that yet.
  5. I love the easy bag....want to see it in person.
  6. I tried the bag today but took no photos (my iPhone's battery was drained.) They carried 2 colors only which were the cobalt blue smooth leather version and the black croc-embossed version. I really like its design and the leather was thick and sturdy yet not heavy (well for me it wasn't. Lol.) It's really meant to be a handheld bag. I don't think anyone can fit their shoulders through the handles.

    Their available leathers weren't my style though but my SA said a plain black smooth leather version will come out later on so I'm waiting for that. Best part is the price. For such a generous leather bag, its price is the same as a mini pandora, so you really do get a great deal. I'll try to get photos again if I visit the mall this weekend.
  7. I was hoping it could be carried on the shoulder. Thanks so much for the review and I'd love to see any photos you end up getting.
  8. Oh so this is the bag I've seen cheap replicas of... love Givenchy's style! Always adding that little edginess to a classic design ;) Looking forward to some pics of it too!
  9. hi guys, I purchased the EASY bag in black croc embossed one and I did not like it. It is humongous for my 5'3" frame and too stiff. It also looked a bit cheap IRL. I returned it and I got an Everlane Petra tote in dark brown today. The Easy bag is very large vertically and stiff.
  10. I haven't posted in a long time. I have purchased the Givenchy Easy Tote in Gray. I am on the fence on it because the color is something that I already own. I can wear the bag on my shoulders without a coat. I haven't worn it yet and only purchased it because I used my Barneys reward card towards the cost. The leather is nice. I would definitely give it a try. In regards to it looking cheap, I don't think so. I can say that about a Hermes Kelly bag that I saw at Barneys Auction side that looked cheap. I just don't see the hoopla over Hermes bags. On the inside of the bag it showed that the bag was glued and then sewed upon. The bags are no different than say Givenchy, Celine, or even Coach (the latter is improving overtime).

    As a consumer, you really need to inspect any item before you purchase it. Because something costs a lot of money doesn't mean you are getting quality. About twenty years ago; yes, but when the masses can purchase luxury items, the designers put a high price tag on the item to keep the masses out. So, just buy what you love.
  11. Update on the easy tote.... I wore it for the first time today and received a lot of compliments on it. I love the leather . I have it in greige. It can be worn on the shoulder depending on your arm size. My arms are small to medium and muscular.

  12. Thanks for the update :smile: I haven't seen this bag in person yet. I really love the geometric lines at the bottom of the bag. Very intriguing indeed.