Givenchy drawstring bags *yay or nay*?

  1. I know these are a couple seasons back, but for some reason i fell in love w/ them again.... :love:


  2. I think they are wonderful! Where did you find the gorgeous pics? I heard that they were very popular a while ago, and the style is classic, IMO. Are you getting one?
  3. Nay for me. Too busy.
    And I would feel quite like a horse if I carried it.
  4. Whoa! Nellie! Not for me, either. Very young and rockstar looking...
  5. those two are actually mine :shame: I know they're not for everyone and that makes it more appealing to me :p

    I heard they were in style awhile ago too, but I wasn't into them either at the time.

    I got these two and a baby black one. It's nuts because that's 3 bags in one shot.. I couldn't make up my mind.. The great thing was that since they're past season items, the total cost is less than one current season bag :wtf:
  6. D and G, personally I love them. They were mad "in" a while ago too, here is a pic of me w/ the pink that I sold a while ago.

  7. That's fab!!!!! :nuts:
  8. The pink colour is so gorgeous and lovely, Spiralsnowman!
  9. i don't really like the pics of the bags by themselves, but the style looks great on spiralsnowman!
  10. Thank you guys! :p I really like yours, D and G! I would love to locate an orange one.
  11. They are totally oozing young and fab!!

    Rock on :rochard:
  12. I like them very much.
  13. thanks spiralwoman :heart: I didn't know they came in so many colors... :nuts: The pink one is so :love:..., but orange sounds so va va voom!
  14. I like it. I saw these on pretty cheap, but I wasn't sure if I would like them. Seeing a pic on a person actually makes me want one.
  15. i think they're kinda cool.