Givenchy Chat Thread

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  1. I will really love all these pastel colour! But I am not very sure about the quality. It seem so fragile. I just bought mine from Reebonz and I see there is a scuff near the zipper, fresh from the box. So I am a bit skeptical now! I really love the colour. I will just return it if Reebonz can't exchange for me. Because a USD 2000+ bag shouldn't be like this.
  2. The strap of my Pandora has the same scuff.
  3. Has anyone seen an Antigona Mini in the color Bottle Green being sold at boutiques or reputable online sites? I found a seller that sells this and is really tempted to buy it but I've googled everywhere and can't really find even a proper picture of Antigona Mini in that color. It's mainly the medium size that comes with that particular shade. I've attached some pics, would appreciate some opinions. Thanks!
    antigona1.jpg antigona2.jpg
  4. Does anyone know how the boxing sneakers run?
  5. Can someone help me authenticate this small pandora aqua green bag? Thank you so much!!
    D45B335A-95F0-4A18-8F8D-4E77EA8E35F9.png 791BB8E7-11EA-45DF-9D8D-27DF86890675.png 5AFA49FD-95D8-4530-B704-709BC6BFDFBA.png
  6. Hello. You need to post this under the authenticate this Givenchy section...please read the requirements needed to authenticate the item. Thank you....
  7. Hi! Can you ladies please help me determine whether or not this antigona is authentic??
    A62C05A7-9628-43D0-A12C-97CCCA9FA9CE.jpeg D7750BFA-AE98-4E58-A8BF-4FB990581070.jpeg B3481816-C0AC-46E8-BDA6-3D0DB243F40B.jpeg DE436CD2-60C9-4244-BC20-7DB883AF49FA.jpeg 62535BCC-0602-4B9D-9EA5-2A4B746FE442.jpeg CA78D6CE-24C3-41B6-A198-4A4B134B55E9.jpeg D8B35E4B-CF79-4F0D-8BC9-DE0FC0FF81CB.jpeg 1AB79B1C-0D28-49D5-A651-72AB58486638.jpeg
  8. Hi all, I recently purchased a small “steel grey” Givenchy Antigona from Member119055 on HEWI which was new but at less than half price. Yes I know too good to be true. However, when I had it authenticated it turned out to be fake. I’m still waiting for a refund from HEWI but I’ve since purchased a new one from an authorised Givenchy site. This seller is based in Germany and lists same bags over and over again at half off retail price and brands include Givenchy, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. They a professional seller with company name Kademo GmbH and seem to sell through HEWI and Rebelle. I believe they’re selling superfakes as they don’t seem to list these high end bags on their own German website. So buyers beware!
  9. there's no authenticator for GIvenchy on the blog right now.
  10. Hi all, could you please help me to identify if this Antigona is small or medium? And also the leather? Looks like grained goatskin to me. Found this online and been wanting to look for something similar to purchase. Appreciate the help. Thanks!
  11. That is the small size. The medium size has a much wider shoulder strap. And yes it does look like the goatskin sugar leather.
  12. :panic::panic::panic::yahoo:

    I can’t tell my hubs and I need to tell someone who understands the struggle.

    I just made an impulse buy and I am. So. Excited. I just went on threalreal and saw two GORGEOUS Pandoras both at a killer price so I just went for it. Both of them.

    I don’t think I’ll regret the purchase either because I love both bags forever.

    Viola! Is the first one “old pink?”

    5229D189-7683-4AE5-BBAE-C61610F5AE23.jpeg C13D7984-41EB-441B-8E18-162F45421EA6.png
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  13. I don't blame you, they are both gorgeous.
  14. IMG_1537718069.474153.jpg
    Isn’t she lovely? My favorite Antigona
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