Givenchy Chat Thread

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  1. are you talking about *********? I am in Canada and when I see quebec I thought you might refer to this website? Never shopped there but I've seen Best Buy Canada uses them in their online channel selling discount designer bags at an unbelievable price! I checked the website however couldn't find any reviews but I did find some bad comments in glassdoor where their staff posted reviews about them.
  2. Two diff bags, but both functional. Antigona is a bit more unique than a standard tote, but you really should ask your wife, or maybe her bff who knows her well. Of course in this afternoon, I'm going to be biased and say antigona, which looks beautiful in black, and I own the small, med and mini sizes.
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  3. Hello my dears!

    I bought a used (preloved) Givenchy Antigona and I would like to ask you to help me with some questions.
    I was hoping that this bag would soften a little bit when I use it regulary and a long time…. (get a little bit slouchy :smile:)

    Unfortunately, I found that you can feel in the lining, that the bag is reinforced with something. Plastic? Cardboard? What is that inside of the lining? :confused1:
    Does it make sense? I can describe that badly and my english is not as good as I could reasonably translate ... sorry....

    Of course, many want her to keep her beautiful shape. I would have wished that in time it would become like the model of Gwyneth Paltrow. Naïve?

    Nice and slouchy ... but that's probably nothing?
    What are your experiences?

    It is the Antigona (medium) in goatskin and from 2015 when I read the code correctly..
    And, yes, she is original ... I received her with invoice ....

    Thank you so much for your opinion and experience during use this beauty.

    Many greetings from rainy Germany,
  4. Gwyneth's antigona is from either the first or second generation collection, so the leather, design may have changed since you bought yours.

    Having said that, the ant is by nature a structured bag, which is probably why you found reinforcement inside the bag. It doesn't make sense to me to expect my structured bag to start softening or sagging. If that happened, I'd actually be upset.

    However, if you really like that look, you can put heavy cans inside and hang it overnight. Do this daily and stop once you've achieved the desired sag.

    Other than that, wear it daily during daytime, and squish it against you as much as you remember to. I'm sure with these two methods, your ant will lose its structure. But don't expect it to be like Gwyneth's for a while.

    I recommend the nightingale, which is a little structured, but softens easier and looks chic too. Good luck.
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  5. Is there a Givenchy thread for what’s in your bag posts?! Because if not we really need one!
  6. I have a medium black drummed leather antigona. I LOVE the weight, durability and size of the Antigona as compared to my Celine Mini and YSL cabas rive gauche. I am wondering if it is worth buying in other colors, or whether people have regretted such a choice?
  7. Nope, I don't regret getting 3 med ants, all in diff colors and textures. If your outfit is a little edgy or fashion forward, this bag really grounds you. It has gravitas, if that makes any sense bsense.
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  8. Agreed. My outfits are typically "classic" due to my profession and the Antigona is perfect for classic styles. Thank you for your input!
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    4810A53E-C5FE-49BE-A101-035952AA6E43.jpeg I just purchased a 2017 mini pandora in bright pink, its my first light colored bag, does anyone know if this photo is a good representation of the color? If so, I guess it’ll be a stain magnet.
  10. Yes, pastel or light colors need to be extra careful when worn.
  11. randr21, thanks for your reply, I just got the bag and it’s light, but it’s so pretty and girly I may ignore my fears and keep it. I also bought a deep teal Chloe Marcie from the NM sale and its lovely, but the pink Pandora just wows me.
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    Currently in my pandora backpack

    Main compartment: scarf, gloves, small umbrella, cdg long wallet, round pouch (with packet of nuts, a small bar of chocolate and licorice).

    Large zip pocket: iphone cable, portable battery, mini tube of handcream, rollerball perfume (tobacco vanille/rouge jasmin blend), lip balm, headphones, tissues, wet wipe, mints, and not in photo- key case.

    Tiny zip pocket: muji thin card holder (plasters, glasses cleaning tissue, hair tie, dental flossing thingy), another hair tie.

    What else fits:
    A light jacket, 1ltr water bottle, ipad, cosmetic pouch (cc cushion, cloudpaint, eyeliner pen, eyebrow pencil and two mini powder brushes)
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  13. Currently own Antigona. Bit heavier but looks classy and goes with almost everything!
  14. Hi, everyone! I came across an IG page claiming that they are selling "authentic overruns" Givenchy antigona and pandora bags. Do luxury bags have overruns? Hope to hear from anyone...
  15. Anyone have problem with Givenchy Antigona bag with scuff like this?
    WhatsApp Image 2018-03-10 at 12.22.07 PM.jpeg