****Givenchy Care Thread****

  1. Also, has anyone encountered rain stains? How did you get them out? Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi Jessx,

    I see u'r based in Shanghai. Any idea where I can get LMB in China (Beijing)? Or did you have to ship internationally? The shipping fees are ridiculous. :o
  3. Hello I have an Antigona Tote and it has a halo type grease stain that apparently came from inside the purse. Does anyone know how to remove grease stain from calf leather??? thanks!!
  4. I think if you pre-treat, you should be able to ward off some splashes of rain, but not a downpour or consistent moisture. and the pattern should definitely help too.

    try baby powder to soak up the stain...do a search on tpf on this. have read it on other subforums before.
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  5. I tried that but it didn't work:sad:
    Givenchy cuatomer service hasnt replied with any advice either:sad:
    Thanks though!
  6. if the stain is not too dark, you might get away with a leather conditioner that will darken up the entire bag if you wipe it all over. if givenchy cust srvc doesnt respond, go to a reputable shoe/leather repair shop and see if they have something in their arsenal of fixes

  7. image-791011922.jpg



    Here are the pictures with flash and without flash! I'll try a cobbler. Thank you for your input and help!
  8. Hi,

    On the 1st of August I bought a Givenchy Antigona Medium size tricolor in black/yellow from the Givenchy boutique in Vietnam. However the next day... the Y of the Givenchy writing came off. I called Givenchy Vietnam up right away and brought the bag in to get it fix. They said that they will have to send it off to get looked at then fixed at the factory or something...? I'm guessing the manufactures in Italy or something I'm not sure.

    The SA told me that it might take a while because they are on break at the moment or something.... and so far it has been a month since its been sent off and I haven't heard back from them yet. I did call the Givenchy store in Vietnam and they said that the bag has been send off but they haven't heard back from the manufactures yet. I'm not sure if I'm over stressing or what... but has anyone else encountered something like this???

    I don't have many photos of the bag... since i only had it for one day =_= but this was an instagram shot that I took.
  9. Hi I also had a Celine sent for it to get fixed and my Chanel glasses, usually it does take about 8 weeks, but it is true that most of Europe closes for the entire month of August. Just keep calling and asking for updates!
  10. ouch, that stain is a toughie...you'll might have to refinish the leather again, if that's even possible, or else dye it a darker tint so that it's not so obvious.
  11. never, this is the first time i've heard of it. givenchy bags have a pretty good rep for quality.
  12. OOoh okk, Thank you zoo much!! makes me feel a lot better. :biggrin:
  13. Givenchy shopping finds and intel is the thread name. Its currently on pg 1 of this forum